Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Tire rating


We present the rating of winter and summer tires for cars from Pokryshka.ru. This ranking presents the best selling tire models for the last two years in our company (2019, 2020). In total, 240 summer and 243 winter models participated in the rating. However, keep in mind that the best-selling tires and the best tires are not the same thing. For more references, check out: Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 Plus Review

Obviously, the best tires are usually tires from expensive manufacturers, in the production of which the latest innovations and the best technologies have been applied, allowing these tires to perform excellently in all tests.

The only but very significant drawback of such tires is their cost, which is not available to all car owners.

Nevertheless, such a rating of tires is useful information, since this is the choice of most motorists, many of whom analyzed the market, prices, consulted with professionals, studied tests, read reviews about these tires before buying. And someone has their own experience of using some models of tires.

Why do people buy these models of winter and summer tires the most?

The answer is simple: these tires have a good combination of price and quality. These most popular tires are mostly in the low to mid price range, such as the Cordiant , Hankook or Bridgestone models . Nevertheless, expensive models of such manufacturers as Michelin , Continental and, of course, Nokian also fall into the top 20 car tires .

Winter tire rating

Rating of winter studded and non-studded tires 2019, 2020.

Among the recognized leaders in winter studded and non-studded tires Nokian and Michelin, Japanese tire manufacturers such as Toyo and Yokohama are confidently entering the market . And the popular Japanese brand Bridgestone is gradually giving up its positions to less well-known companies in the Russian market, Matador and Maxxis . Moreover, the latter are in the segment of inexpensive wheels, and are a direct competitor to the domestic manufacturer Cordiant, which produces high-quality and inexpensive tires.



Please note that over the past year, non-studded tires are no longer more popular with Russian motorists than studded ones, although a few years ago the situation was exactly the opposite. And this is despite the fact that the relatively warm Moscow winters of recent years and anti-icing agents on the road are pushing motorists not to use more noisy (albeit safer on bare ice) studded tires.

Summer tire rating

Summer car tires rating 2019, 2020.

Summer tires also tend to be in the top of the best tire models in the mid-range.

The positions of European manufacturers are traditionally strong: Goodyear (and its subsidiary Dunlop ), Michelin, Continental and the inexpensive Korean brand Hankook, which is often installed by automakers on the assembly line. However, another Korean brand, Nexen, is gaining momentum and is already better bought by Russian car owners.

I would also like to note the Japanese Toyo brand and the Italian Pirelli , which over the past year have made a steady leap in sales, and several of their summer models at once.


In conclusion, I would like to say that manufacturers are releasing new good tire models that do not immediately fall into this rating, since they have not yet had time to sell them in large quantities. Also, excellent, but very expensive models of tires may not get here, which, in terms of characteristics, surpass most of the popular tires, but are not sold in large volumes due to the high price.

Tire rating

  We present the rating of winter and summer tires for cars from Pokryshka.ru. This ranking presents the best selling tire models for the ...