Saturdays haze

Good morning earthlings,

The day has begun, but the sun isn't yet shining.
Today is the first day of a new chapter in my life. While I've been hiding, far away from all social media and even my favorite blog - I've been reinspiring myself with new knowledge and new interesting people. And while my graduation is getting closer; I've decided I am a free person and to do whatever I want.

Ever since I've changed the name of my blog, I wanted my first project to be special. But while a special subject was waiting to be found, I've realized nothing is as special to me as fashion and beauty. And even when I know the cliché all woman love fashion and all woman want to work in fashion, I know fashion is never cliché when you quit mainstream.

Things I've been figuring out.

One of my best friends designs jewelry as a hobby, and sells them mostly to acquaintances. Fame is not her biggest deal, but it's the hobby that makes her designs meticulous. She doesn't have and live for the sake of deadlines and costumers, rather designs and creates whenever she feels like it. The itsy bit of leisure time she would spend creating her newest jewerly, makes everything limited. Nothing is ever copied, everything is rather unique. Whenever I give her a visit at home, I could spend hours judging and loving her newest jewelry. To share my excitement and her talent with you, I will write a special post about her jewerly. But here is one:

An asymmetrical necklace (sorry for the blur)
With an exquisite rock