Zara smells like

Today I stopped at Zara home, which is half a kilometer from my house. I was looking for a gift for my friend, who I still owned a gift. I had never been in the Zara home. But the impression I had from the store from outside was small, but cute. Once I was inside it felt so cosy. Blankets all over the store, little things like candlelights, soap bottles, cutlery, bottles for alcohol, bottles for sirup or water.
And of course they had home fragrances. A lot of them. Also fragrance sticks.

My secret Chanel obsession

I have a thing for Chanel products.. Which doesn't make me exclusive, because I think a lot of women share this obsession with me. Although I think my obsession is getting out of control.
I started with purchasing 1 lipstick from Chanel, which was 8 years ago. A beautiful pink lipstick from rouge Coco, nr 17 Orchidee, the colour is not as flashy - more mat and simple. I used it everyday untill I finished it, then repurchased. I love it and still have it although I don't use it as often..
A year later I purchased a Chanel nail polish, which was a simple deep red nail polish, nr 475 Dragon. Although the lid of this nail polish broke, I still kept it and still use it.
And slowly but surely my Chanel obsession grew into this addiction. I finished bottles of foundation, creams and face washes. Even if the Chanel cosmetics are not the best choice when it comes to organic and natural products, and especially not advisable to sensitive skin - I cannot stop. They smell so good, ugh :). And believe it or not they make and keep my skin super soft. Every time I enter the Bijenkorf (big warehouse in the Netherlands), Nordstrom (big warehouse in the US) or another cosmetic-store like Sephora I can't help but stop at the Chanel department (if this was whatsapp I would put the roll eyes emoticon).

This is what I have now.

Urban Decay Naked2

The Urban Decay Naked2 pallet
Although this pallet came out a while ago, I thought it would still be fun to write about it. I find the Naked1 pallet in colour nuance the same as the Naked2. Nude... hence Naked..
I love nude eyeshadow. In fact I love nude make up, simplicity and natural, which is why I opt for the naked pallets.

Veet waxing strips

I remember; before I tried waxing I was seriously terrified of it. I could imagine how much it did for hours. Yes hours. But after a long time thinking, doubting, rethinking, redoubting I decided to do it and now I am totally addicted! The first time waxing does hurt, sadly yes. So I would highly recommend to go to a beauty/waxing salon when you're getting waxed for the first time. Simply because the hairs are probably harder, ingrown and you could hurt yourself because you did it incorrect. Especially removal of pubic and armpit hair hurts. Salons mostly give creams and balms to calm the skin down after the wax and to prevent the hair from ingrowing.

But after a couple of waxing treats at the salon, you could also try Veet waxing strips.

Summer colour addictions

It's time for the season of colourful nail polish and lipsticks.

Here are my favourites.
I chose 4 nail polishes I will use a lot this summer (although I am pretty sure I will buy new ones).
a. May (535) from Chanel, which I already used a lot in the month may. But I love the colour so much, I think I will extend its use to the end of the summer.

A different subject: my diet, MyFitnessPall

I know the name of my blog indicates skin subjects only but I still decided to share my diet with you. Writing about my diet is also an inspiration for myself. Because I now have audience who can support me.

I decided to start dieting because this summer I am going on vacation the Turkish Riviera. This indicates beach + bikini. And beach + bikini = flat belly.

I started with downloading an app called MyFitnessPall. Although this would be difficult for me, because I am really bad in keeping food diaries. But I am trying. I like this app, because it helps you count your calories. Although it doesn't advice you with food.

This is what MyFitnessPall suggested.

How to survive...

I have been writing a lot about cosmetics the past few times. But now it's time to share my knowledge with you. In this blog I'll write about a treatment used for severe acne.
This is my how to survive Isotretinoin (Roaccutane) blog.

If you are not a user or will never use Isotretinoin, Isotretinoin is a vitamin A acid, which is used for the treatment of severe acne. Isotretinoin is mostly used for a short period (2 - 6 months).
This product is in most countries the last resource in the treatment of acne. It is very effective, but the last option because of it's side effects profile. An always occurring side effect of Isotretinoin is severe dryness of everything, like dry eyes, dry skin, dry mouth, dry lips etc.

Looking back; what I used in May

In the month may the weather in northern Europe wasn't as great as we expected. It was rather disappointing.
But it seems as if june will be better. So to survive the cold, rainy days in may I used products those could help my skin a bit.

These products I used daily:
For my whole body, I used shea butter from the body shop on a daily basis. I love the smell, and shea butter is really good for your skin. I have super soft skin, thanks to the body shop body butters.
The Hydreane riche I use because of my sensitive skin.