Happy sunny days in Amsterdam

I am back in Amsterdam and I must say I am happy to be home. Where ever you go, nothing and nowhere feels as good as home. Because I have been gone for such a long period I had to catch up with everyone, going to family parties, having diner with friends, and going out to the park. The weather in the Netherlands has been awesome the past few days, I love it. Not too hot not too humid, the perfect amount of sunshine and a cool breeze at night. I have been back for just 3 days and I am already happy to sleep in tomorrow. But my Saturday won't go to waste, I need to catch up on school stuff and it's a good day for vietnamese egg roles. School started immediately after I set foot on Dutch soil (actually I was 2 days overdue) and I have done a lot since I got back. But it feels so good to get back to my daily routine.
I have that gold tan and everyone compliments me on it.
I love having a tan, it gives the advantage I don't need to use a lot of makeup. So what have I been using?

The blushes: The YSL blush is a good highlighter for my Indonesian cheekbones - though I think it's a little too mat for my gold tan. So add a little shimmering to this blush by sweeping a bit of the Bourjois bronzer over it. I love the combination.

Eye-lighter: I got this eye-highlighter from Benefit. I got attached to it ever since I got back here. It's the perfect amount of glitter and brown-shade. I apply it with or without mascara, still my eyes look happy and enlarged.

Stay don't stray: The perfect eye primer I got from Benefit as well. It kind of keeps the eye-lighter in place - though at the end of the day the eye-lighter still greases off.

Lips: the perfect amount of redness is applied with the Mayballine Cherry Me Babylips. I love the natural shade it gives, good enough for a schoolday, cool enough for a coffee meet up.

I love my goofy sunglasses! And I have been loving the Diptyque L'Ombre dans L'Eau ever since I got it (full flask stays at home ;), sample in the bag!)

Than a retrospect on Turkey. I was complaining about Marmaris in my previous blog. But the trip turned out to be a lot of fun! Of course it was thanks to the people I went with. Everyone was fun and happy, no fighting (accept for one I will shut up about), a little complaining. Mostly just walking, stopping, taking 30 minutes for a 5 minute walk, bargaining, being scammed, laughing about it and just not caring. I must say I don't think I will go back to Turkey soon, but this trip was definitely worth taking. We went rafting, I have seen the limestones (!) and I even saw sea turtles.

Here are some pictures:

Thank you for reading again.
Happy last summer days..


  1. I really want to try that mascara! It looks like you had an amazing time x


  2. I love the Maybelline Baby Lips so much! Glad you had fun:)

    LittleMissFashion ♡

  3. So true...there's no place like home! Great photos!


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  7. Great post!