Daily cleansing products

Although makeup is one of the funnest parts of the day, taking the makeup off is one of the most crucial parts of the day. Cleansing is a must, and depending on your skin type certain cleansing products may or may not be in favor of your skin.

Bloggers seriously rave about micellar solutions, which were not available in the US, but when I set foot on Dutch ground I immediately purchased this L'Oreal Skin Perfection Purifying Micellar Solution. My nights are mostly slow; filled with online-shopping and book-reading so this micellar solutions is really convenient to use. I mostly cleanse with two cotton-pads to make sure everything came off. I use it for my eyes as well as my lips and face, followed by bed loving. No water splashing, wet floors and wet clothing. Simple cotton and a bottle of micellar solution. Although I never compared the micellar solution with others, I must say I love this one. It's so softening and does not dehydrate my skin out at all. I sometimes even forget to apply night cream, yet the next day my skin feels soft and hydrated. Another advantage is that it also removes waterproof mascara, without removing your eye-lashes.

fresh Soy Face Cleanser is another perfect cleanser for daily use. I mostly use this cleanser in the morning or when I am taking a shower. It's really refreshing and smells so natural, which is what I love in the morning. It's not harsh on my skin, though not good for sensitive skin since it contains parabens. Luckily I am not allergic to parabens, but this might not be an excellent choice for people with sensitive skin. What I love about this soap is that it is eye-friendly so easy to use under the shower. Although I don't find it fully removes eye makeup, and doesn't remove waterproof mascara at all.


Elizabeth Arden eye and lip makeup remover. I got this eye/lip makeup remover in a kit containing a mascara, eye cream and this remover. This is by far the best eye makeup remover I have ever used. It easily removes waterproof mascara, you don't need to rub or spend extra time trying to remove the mascara. It is bi-layer (2 fluid layers visible), but when you shake it it forms a great emulsion which is stable for a couple of minutes. Not like other bi-layer eye makeup removers which immediately after shaking separates back into two layers. I love this product, and will happily use it for my eye makeup.

The Chanel gel pureté, this has been my favorite facial cleanser for years. And I will probably repurchase it forever. It's really softening for my skin, doesn't dehydrate it and gently removes my makeup. Although it's not ideal for sensitive skin since it contains parabens. I love the fragrance it has (soo Chanel ;)) and the structure of the gel. I don't use this product on a daily basis, but twice a week instead of the micellar solution.

That was it.
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  1. I just came across your blog, and I'm absolutely in love. I'm so happy that you posted about the eye makeup remover because I have been in search of a new one, and I was reading up about this one in particular. Your post convinced me!

    I'm a new follower :D

  2. I agree, taking off your makeup and cleansing your face is an important thing to do. I use Bioderma to remove my eye makeup. I didn't really like the Fresh Soy Face cleanser but that's probably because I have sensitive skin. Great post!

    Nerve Wires

  3. Thank you so much for your comment!
    Have a great saturday!


  4. The L'Oreal Micellar solution is really lovely. i've just ran out of my bottle so i'll have to pick another up! x


  5. great post!
    i really want to try these products now :D