Today's makeup, a hint of purple

Makeup makeup makeup. Every morning before I leave the house to get myself a warm cup of coffee or to go do anything except running, I have to do my makeup. I'm not really big in wearing makeup masks - I like to keep it natural and simple. Also the time-investment is a bit of a threshold when wearing too much makeup. So makeup should be quick, easy and little. But enough to not look sleepy.

Even when it comes to makeup I like matching colours. I would wear pink/red lips with pink blushes, purple/pink lips with purple/pink blushes, I would even match nail polish to my face. I know a little overboard, but I like changing my nail polish every other day. It prevents that I would have to be seen with chipped nail polish. And whenever a busy week is ahead I would wear calcium nail polish (transparent/no color).

Today I choose to wear a little bit of purple.

The makeup:
I feel like the Laura Mercier foundation primer became a must in my daily makeup routine, even if I wouldn't apply a foundation afterwards I would still wear it. It really keeps my makeup in place, which in this case is the porefiller and blush, and I find it smoothes my skin a little bit. I know it would've been smarter to apply BB instead of this primer or maybe both - maybe I was too tired to wake up and think or sleepwalking during this morning's makeup session.
The porefiller I wrote about a couple of times before, it keeps my skin mat and smoothens all the unevennesses. I find it difficult to find pore-fillers in my skin colour, this is why I stick to this one until I've emptied it. It kind of adapts to my skin colour, better than the dr. Brandt porefiller I've tried that made me look like a person who uses skin whitening for its face only.
MAC Diva lipstick, love this color. It is actually a lot darker than when I applied it today (see picture). I like to mark my lip-line with this lipstick then smoothen it out to the center of my lips by blotting or rolling over my lips and give it a little shine with the purple high gloss from Estée Lauder. You can do this with a brush as well, but I find this much easier and faster.
The YSL cream blush, love it! You don't need much from the blush, it's easy to blend into perfection, and if you use a primer it stays on the entire day. I just use my angled blush brush to apply it, which is dab-blush-dab-blush-done (per cheek). This cream blush comes in multiple colours, but I am using the colour number 8; it's a little purple-pinkish, perfect for a natural tone on my mocha skin.
The YSL shocking is still my daily mascara. I've purchased new ones, but I cannot get myself to stop using this mascara. It's just too good to replace it with another mascara if it's not emptied yet.
Sephora Nano eyes in kaki green. I love this eye pencil, it's a little glittering but not visibly shiny. I love none-black eye pencils for daily use, because they don't make me look stern.
The benefit eyebrow kit. I am not sure what to think of this kit. It's good, but also has it's cons. If you look at my right eyebrow in the picture, you can see it doesn't glue my eyebrows in the shape I want it to. Maybe I will get a brow gel as well, but I thought the wax was supposed to keep my brows in shape.

That was my makeup today. I will continue eating the Japanese candy (see picture), they are sooo good. Got them from a friend who was visiting me in Chicago, wish I could get me more.

Thanks for reading again.


  1. Your skin looks amazing! Lovely post, and blog! xx

    Abby | Beauty and a Blogger

  2. You have great skin! Lovely post xx

  3. I really like the Mac lipstick, really suits your warm skin tone.
    Also, a tad random, but first time reading your blog - and I just have to say that I'm in love with your hair! :)