The Lolla weekend at Grant park.

I still can't get used to the way my Chicagoan friends pronounce Lollapalooza. The O leans on the side of an A so Lollapalooza sounds more like Lallapalooza, and just every time I say Lollapalooza where the O is an actual O they respond with "what's that?". Funny how even in the US the accents are different. Diederik and I got our 3-day passes through a friend of his since the tickets were sold out in a snap. I love Lollapalooza, it costs quite a bit but it's definitely worth the money. And after a full weekend partying and one day recovering I can finally blog about what my weekend was about.

The line up at Lolla was amazing, so many bands I wanted to see + Kendrick Lamar. Yes sadly the festival that's supposed to be with good variance had only one hip hop artist worth seeing. And the crowd totally agreed with me, Kendrick's show was packed and believe it or not everyone was going wild, singing and bouncing. I never knew he was so famous. I bounced and sang along as well. My friends ditched me so I was alone.
But my highlight of the weekend was still Phoenix. I am a hardcore Phoenix fan and even if I saw them already I would definitely purchase a ticket to their show if they would perform in Amsterdam. Phoenix was also a sunday night's headline on one of the main stages. So a big band. And yes they were awesome. Wow, I was jumping around the entire show. They are such good entertainers and the band was awesome. When the show ended the frontman crowd surfing all the way from the back to the front. I wish I could touch him, and I am still smiling from happiness.. Phoenix rules!

But back to the beauty products I used:
Festival are mostly combined with a lot of sunshine and heat. Especially the ones in Chicago since summer here tends to get really hot and humid - I needed to protect myself from these weather conditions. Then I didn't wanted to add to much to my face, because it was about to be sweaty and I would probably not be able to reapply make up.
This led to the conclusion: Essential makeup only!

For the face I used:
First, the Laura Mercier primer. This primer is the one product I kind of always have on my skin. I seriously hate being the girl who stains everyones white t-shirt when she hugs someone so I use a primer. And the Laura Mercier primer is the one product that never flaked out on me. When I use regular sunblock I use this primer after the sunblock; it's always the last layer followed by everything tinted (foundation/BB/CC/Concealer etc.).
AmorePacific CC cream which I just reviewed. I really love this product, but I still hate the casing. A CC cream with SPF50+ would be the ideal product to take with you to a full day event since you can reapply the SPF50+ and still correct skin. I couldn't take this CC with me since I brought a small bag.
Then I opted for the Chanel Vitalumiere. I like this foundation because it's mat and stays mat, which is perfect for a sweaty day.
The porefiller I mostly apply on top of my foundation. It's either to use as a base or to fade visible pores so I use it as a top coat.
Lollapalooza would be the perfect event to use a setting spray, but I never had one so I wouldn't know if it's worth it.

The products I took with me include:
L'Oreal SPF50+ which is about the best sunblock I have had so far. It's super lightweight not smudgy or oily at all. And you don't need much of it. This sunblock is on sale at the Walgreens so I stocked up two bottles/tubes.
I thought the Boi-ing was perfect to carry on me, because it's a concealer I can apply with my fingers it's super small and the colour is my exact skin tone.
The Burt's Bees gloss, because it's easy to use, nourishes my lips and is kind of protective. Burt's Bees is good for your lips, I like to use it during the winter but Lolla would be a good opportunity as well.
I like to carry hand cream if I'm away from home the entire day. I chose the one from L'Occitane because it's small packed and just refreshing for my hand.
I left the house with my L'Oreal Carresse lipstick on, so I took it with me.
This is the look I wore all three days, but I did vary with the lipsticks. Which was either the L'Oreal Caresse or the Burt's Bees.

Did you ever go to a festival you would recommend? I would love to go to Glastonbury in the UK or Coachella in California next year even if it's camping!
Thank you for reading again.