My first CC cream, review

I never opted for a CC cream before because I thought BB-CC what the hell, all the same no need to invest in a new product. But in search of a new BB cream I ended up with a CC cream definitely worth the investment. AmorePacific wasn't exactly a brand known by me probably because it's not overhyped by the bloggers I follow and not in a price range I would seize to. I did see an advertisement in the British Airways' High life magazine on my way to Chicago and the promising word sounded as if this product was a miracle to the skin. It looked interesting to me, but the magazine went back into the pocket at the back of the chair.

I wanted to have an SPF 50+ BB cream. I would normally use a sunblock SPF 50+ followed by BB or just BB with SPF 30+ on the not so sunny days. But I am a big fan of narrowing down the number of layers used with make up since they swallow up all of my time and just make me feel uncomfortable. So the perfect BB cream with SPF 50+ must exist. I'd tried the Kiehl's BB cream which was to thick and messy for my combination skin - in envelope to return, leaving me with nothing because the perfect BB with SPF 50+ doesn't exist.
I ended up at the Sephora where this wonderful sales advisor recommended a CC cream with my highest requirement; the SPF 50+. AmorePacific.
Though I wouldn't actually advice it to a wallet with low inflow - $60 at the Sephora + tax. This product is actually very good. It makes my skin soft and leaves it mat. It's super lightweight; it feels as if I'm not wearing anything at all. It corrects my skin tone, fades away blemishes (which I have a lot right now because this peanut allergic lady decided to eat M&M's yellow pack - but they are just so good!!), protects my skin unfortunately. It's just probably one of the better products I've tried.
Cons: Somehow every product has a con, or maybe not... I do think this CC would tend to be dehydrating for normal to dry skin, but I wouldn't know I don't have them. Also I hate the casing. It's so bulky and big and round and not convenient for my makeup bag on a road trip. The CC is incorporated in a sponge, so I would have to use another sponge to transfer the CC to my face. It's just a little too high-tech for me. Then the there's a sticker that says you should close the container tightly what would indicate the CC is vulnerable to drying out. It's just a weird way of packing a product. I think I would be in love with this product if the packing wasn't this weird. But oh well you get a free refill so that's a plus.
Here are some pictures.

sponge over sponge

Dap it in

This little amount I get to transfer is enough for 1/4th of my face
After a tough dilemma I chose to keep this product because the result is too good. But I am not pleased with the casing because it's so bulky and uneasy.

I also got some samples from creams and an exfoliator from AmorePacific. They felt good :) so I might look into those as well.

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  1. Looks interesting, maybe I should try it someday :)

    1. Yea I like their products although a little expensive...

  2. I generally stick with a more traditional foundation, rather than BB/CC creams, but I do love AmorePacific as a brand! Their products are pricey, but I've always had good results!


    1. Right! I really love them and I'm only getting started!

  3. wow I never tried a CC cream before, I will have to look out for one! ;)
    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming

    1. I like that they also correct skin colour imperfections :) You should try it!

  4. Replies
    1. I find it definitely worth the money, and I tried the samples from AmorePacific their products are great quality.

  5. i love this - SPF50 is amazing for a make up product! xx