Gifts and goodbyes

Tonight is my last nights in this wonderful city. I am so sad I am leaving, but very happy I chose to spend my summer here. Chicago has been nothing but good to me. Even the weather was amazing this year! Only a few > 37°C (= 98.6°F) days, always sunny, no thunderstorms or maybe one. I can go on about how much fun I had being here. But sadly everything comes to an end. I have been saying my goodbyes to my friends, telling them I might not be back for a long time. But such is life. You make a decision and then move on. And you know what, in the end everything will turn out just fine..

Last night I had a farewell diner with my girlfriends, who treated me with Chicago deep dish pizza from UNO - the famous deep dish pizza place downtown Chicago. Deep dish pizza is awesome, but it's so heavy I was full after 1 slice from a medium deep dish pizza. Every once in a while deep dish is okay. I love the crust it's the closest anything with carbs comes to Dutch bread.

Then I got a bunch of gifts because I am leaving. The funniest one was a View-master viewer and a reel from Kelly. The reel was pictos from all the famous Chicago Hot Dog Stands. It was really funny going through them even if I haven't been to neither of them. Hmm, second thought I might not know Chicago as good as I thought. But! I have tomorrows lunch to have a hotdog from one of those places before departure. Oh Oh Chicago! I will miss you so!

The gift that made me jump up in the air as if the Dutch national team had just won World Cup 2014, was the L'Ombre Dans L'Eau by Diptyque and given by the loveliest man I have ever met, Diederik. I swear I couldn't be happier. I loveeee this fragrance and I have been wanting it every since I first smelled it. Love at first sight. True, honest, deep love at first smell. I am so happy with it, and I will rock this perfume. Until I've emptied it.

The fragrance: L'Ombre Dans L'Eau has a very distinct smell. It's so catchy and even the eau de toilette is so adherent you will smell it until the end of the night. According to the website from Diptyque it's a mixture of blackcurrant leaves and rose petals. I would describe the fragrance as scents from fresh cut grass and figs *frown*. If you ever pass by a Diptyque shop, go in and smell this fragrance. It is really lovely.
And according to the woman from the shop the L'Ombre Dans L'Eau is unisex and it can be combined with the Philosykos if wanted. 
Mixing L'Ombre Dans L'Eau with the Philosykos:
One spray of L'Ombre Dans L'Eau and one from the Philosykos results in a fragrance with an overtone green from the Philosykos and a remnant rose petals from the L'Ombre Dans L'Eau. I really love it. Isn't Diptyque just amazing?!?

I reviewed he Philosykos in an earlier blog, to read more about it click here

That were my gifts from Diederik  and Kelly 
And saturday I am flying from Amsterdam to Turkey! I am happy to continue my voyage.. Who's with me, traveling is awesome...

Thank you for reading again.
A lot of love and enjoy the last days from 2013's lovely summer..



  1. Ive never been in Chicago but all i know is that everybody who goes there loves it :)

  2. Amazing!! ;)