Beach essentials in Turkey

When heading towards the beach there are two or maybe three things you need to survive the sun with. Sunblock, deodorant and after sun. Sunblock and deo are the most important for my mocha skin. Aftersun is mostly not as necessary since I don't get sunburned too quickly.

I have opted for the beach defence spray from Neutrogena. I love the airbus spray sun defence. It's easy to spray even on your back, you don't have to smear it out and it's SPF70. I am naturally very tan and I tan super easy, not even this SPF70 sunblock protects me against getting darker. So I love it, at least I am fully protected. Though it's not as comforting for my face. It is kind of greasy, doesn't mat out or fully absorbs into the skin so I don't use it for my face. I would use the L'Oreal sublime sun in SPF50 for my face. I really love this sunblock. You don't need much from it, it is easy to apply, not greasy at all, and it's lightweight. I love it so much, but too expensive to use for my entire body, so I stick to the face with it. The key to successful sun-blocking is reapplying every 80 minutes and this I have been trying, no succes because I still burned :).
The deo is pretty good and keeps me clean during the day, but after a dub in the salty oceanic water I reapply it. 

I also brought the SPF30 from hawaiian tropic. But looking at the amount of sunlight and the heat I would think this one wouldn't block anything accept the humid which Turkey doesn't have. But I use the after sun. It's good, it cools off the skin after such extreme sun exposure and didn't make my skin peel terribly.

Then I like to use mascara even when I am going sea hopping, tubbing and floating. I purchased this waterproof mascara from Bourjois at Schiphol airport as it was standing in front of me, hypnotising myself with the sign buy 1 get 1 free! My friend and I immediately got the exact same mascara, one for me one for her. And we are both absolutely loving it. It is really waterproof, hardly runs out and is really thickening for my asian eyelashes. I am happy with this purchase. Simple eye make up remover is enough to bare my eyes naked, and two layers are enough to extend my lashes length. 

Then about the place:
The weather in Turkey has been awesome so far. Extremely warm, a lot of sunlight, no humidity, blue skies, not a lot of musquitos. Though I don't like the place as much. The beaches are not white sanded, long stroked nor blue watered. The people are not friendly, they are rude and are constantly cheating you asking discussable prices we don't even pay in Europe (Turkey is not Europe, only 1/10th part or so). And the food isn't as great. So far Turkey hasn't been great and it's kind of disappointing I chose not to extend my stay in Chicago over coming here.
But we went on a boat yesterday, towards some other touristy island where we found sea turtles and long stranded beaches with brown sand and blueish water. It was fun! No pictures with the iPhone taken though. 

Next blog will be soon again!
And a review about the place as well! Thank you for reading again.



  1. SPF 70!!! :O Wow, I've gotta get me some of that!
    I'm a bit like you, I find my skin tans very very quickly so I'm vigilant when it comes to sunblock. It's the final days of winter here - I'm definitely going to have to try out the Neutrogena this summer! :)

  2. I have heard great things about the Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen, I have to try it!

    Purple Flamingo


  3. Great essentials for the beach! enjoy!!!

  4. You lucky girl! Good picks, can never have too many SPFs! Have fun! xx