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Last week I found a bunch of things I stored in my friend's basement after I left Chicago in November 2012. Two boxes were stored; one with clothes I am about to throw away and one with random stuff like purple Vans and some cosmetics. I remember myself saying last year that I wouldn't take drugstore cosmetics with me to Netherlands, because I can buy new ones there. But after opening the box I realized how good or bad some of the products were I left behind. I was really happy to see all the products, also because they'd give me flashbacks and memories from before.

Babylips from Maybelline: last year I was addicted to these lip balms. I love using lip balm with SPF since they have the capability of protecting my lips against radiation, and tend to keep my lips from flaking and peeling. The blue version of these lip balms is the one with SPF 20, the orange/red one is Cherry flavored and gives a little red glow to your lips. Babylips is as softening and nourishing to my lips like the label indicates, I like it much more than the EOS lip eggs. I probably got these lip balms on sale, since the storage box contained an unopened one. I am really happy I found these lip balms! These babies are going to the Netherlands with me.

The Moroccan Curling Perfection Defining cream from Organix: I remember not liking this cream at all, but when I found it I thought I'd give it a second chance. And now I remember why; it makes my hair spiky instead of curly - perhaps because it has a lot of gel in it. Gel-full products are like suicide to my hair, I've tried so many of them and they've always ended up not working. So I am very critical with whatever I apply to my hair. I love glycerin based hair care with a bit of nourishing oils as an additive. This curling perfection defining cream should be part of the trash.

The Huile pailletee or Corps from Sephora: I am not at all a fan of this glittering oil. I forgot I didn't like it, so yesterday I tried applying it when the weather was beautiful and ideal for a summer day. This product caused an instant sauna, I was sweating like a pig even my friends thought I was having hot-flashes because I was so sweaty. Then I checked the label of the oil and it said Paraffin and some other additives. I think this glittering is 80% paraffin which is so pore-clogging, and makes me sweat terribly. This is one product I will throw away and not use at all even if I like the glittering effect from it.

Sulfur ointment from DeLaCruz: I remember getting terrible break outs last year, I am still not aware what from, but after a lot of reading I found out that this Sulfur ointment dries out the pimples and I wouldn't need a prescription from the doctor. I tried this product and it did work; actually very good. So I hoarded a bunch of them and took it to Amsterdam with me. I still use this product as an acne spot treatment, especially when I'm about to have my female period.

The Braun Silk-epil: I totally forgot about this thing. And there were moments I missed it, especially for my armpits, but all the time I thought I had lost it. I am really happy to have found it - for my armpit I have tried shaving, hair-removal creams, waxing, but I honestly still like this epilator the best. I can do it every 3 days, it's fast, non-toxic and doesn't give me stubble. I still prefer waxing for my pubic hair and my legs though, but in case of emergency I would use this epilator.

Organics by Africa's Best, Texture my Way: Like I mentioned I am really against gel hair products. So last year I purchased and tossed away so many hair products until I found this one. It has the same effect the Andrelon Perfecte Krul has (a Dutch hair product I've been stuck on for years), no gel just hydration, a lot of nourishing and glycerin (!). When I apply it on wet damped hair it leaves such perfect curls. It's also very split/dead-end preventive. So this product I will repurchase and carry with me to the Netherlands.
Some pictures to see the curling effect I like from a hair-products:


The Clinique exfoliating scrub: I bought this scrub in Amsterdam, took it with me to the US and then left it behind. But after re-using it I am kind of satisfied with it. It's really good for oily skin; it doesn't make my skin dry or irritates it, it does contains salicylic acid for acne and menthol that leaves a fresh feeling to your skin. Although it's kind of a rough scrub; an exfoliator that you should not rub with a lot of pressure because it can damage the skin. I would take this scrub with me if my luggage is not over the weight limit.

Hawaiian Tropic Lotion Sunscreen: I love how this thing smells, very Shea butter like. It's also so creamy you can use it as a body lotion at the same time. If you let it soak into your skin for 15 minutes you wont see white leftovers when you go to the beach. I would definitely repurchase this sunblock especially because it's cheap - though I wouldn't stock up and take it with me to the Netherlands.

This emptied tube
H2O body lotion: I totally forgot how hydrating and lightweight this body lotion is on my skin. I actually really love it. Even in humid weathers like Chicago's summers I would not be bothered by this lotion. It's definitely worth repurchasing and also worth taking with me - though I still prefer the Body Shop :) and I don't think it would work during the winter.

This is what I found in my box..
Starting from next week my shopping hauls; clothing, makeup, skin and haircare will start. Fill up the luggage and getting ready for Turkey!

Thank you for reading again and enjoy the last days of the summer!
Lots of love..


  1. I use Moroccan curling perfection too! Love it!

    1. I hate to disagree with you, I don't like it at all. But I'm glad you like it!

  2. Lovely pictures! Your hair is so nice! xx


  3. Thanks for your comment!! Yep, the shoes are so cute and original! I love them too.
    Your blog are so useful! Congrats!!



  4. Your hair looks absolutely amazing! I'm not a fan of the baby lips packaging, but the product itself sounds lovely! Thanks for sharing these. xx


  5. i've always wanted to try an epilator!
    great post

    1. It kind of hurts at first, because it tweezes every hair separately. But I love the result :)

  6. I love maybelline baby lips! I wrote a full review on my blog!