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The day after I got to the US I found an advertising booklet in the hallway of Diederik's apartment. Ulta was the name of the shop it came from. The front page of the booklet was printed with bottles of shampoo so I grabbed it and took it to the apartment. I flipped through the booklet and saw some makeup labels I've read about in other blogs but are unobtainable in the Netherlands. So I knew I had to inspect this particular shop.

Ulta. The name doesn't sound as interesting as their makeup collection is, but I gave it a chance. Turns out there was an Ulta close to the apartment so I went and stayed for approximately 1 hour, touching every makeup article and smearing it on my hand and inside of my arm. I felt like a kid for the first time in a candy shop, and good for me no-one disturbed me in my search for the perfect make up. I knew what I needed.

My disappointing Chanel eyebrow kit needed replacement;  I considered the Anastasia eyebrow kid, with an eyebrow brush and powder. The reviews about Anastasia are great actually and like the label states; no brows, no problem. But I have brows. So I looked a bit further. I then stopped at the eyebrow kit from benefit when the friendly lady at the store told me I would get two pocket samples from benefit if I spend $30 or more. Sounded like a good deal to me, so I tried their eyebrow kit. I was really happy with the result, and according to the makeup artist these eyebrow creams stays on when swimming or sweating but are easy to remove with normal cleansers or foams. I was sold.

I was also in need of a concealer. I like wearing BB cream with concealer, because BB fades the imperfections while concealer covers them up. I tried the Boi-ing in medium, luckily the colour matched my skin color perfectly. So I tried it on a little scratch from a mosquito bite I had in my face and the result was great. No caky-flakey effect, just perfect coverage and even the scab became occult. This was exactly what I needed, and again I was sold!

As a gift from benefit I got the Stay don't stray and the eye primer. I haven't tried those yet, but I'm sure they will work out great.
I'm really happy with my new purchases and of course the amazingness from benefit.
In the main picture there's also some dark chocolate; eat more dark chocolate since it's better for your skin!

Some different pictures from these products:

Tomorrow I start my road trip to NYC. I'm so exited!
Stay tuned for a what is in my bag post tomorrow noonday, right before I leave.

Thank you for reading again.

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  1. Great Benefit haul, I really want to try their products! xx

    Martyna | NEON MIZZLE