What's in the bag; The road-trip to NYC

This blog was supposed to be up the day when leaving for NYC. But things don't always go as planned. Especially when internet decides to stop working. Better late than never! Here goes:
I had a road-trip to NYC planned starting on tuesday. Driving from Chicago to NYC would take us (Diederik and I) about 12-13 hours on straight but we decided to go halfway tuesday and continue on wednesday. Road-trips are fun to do especially with fun audience. So I am (still) excited! We had everything packed; I baked chocolate chip cookies, made ice tea, bought carrots hummus pita-chips potato-chips and coke all for en route. That would do it I hope.
As for packing it's pretty difficult for me to narrow my luggage down to only the essentials. I wouldn't necessarily say cosmetics is the worse, because everything is a pain. But like I promised I was going to do a quick what's in the bag blogpost.

Clothes; Of course my bag contains more clothing than these sets but the others are just jeans and t-shirt incase the weather becomes hot and humid. The A&F t-shirt I got last year in San Diego, I find the text on it very arrogant and catchy which is why I bought it. I'm neither unfortunately, but I sometimes like to be "the annoying girl" with the stupid shirt ;). The stripy thing underneath it, is just a regular skirt. The dress I purchased 3-4 years ago at a store in the Netherlands named Superstar, I've worn it over and over - it's still there. I really love this dress the quality is great, it's comfortable and I will probably wear it until it falls apart. It's so pretty and matches my skin colour perfectly.

The dress on the left (yes it's a dress) I  also bought about 3 years ago in Spain. I like this dress because it simply decide for me to match stripes with flowers which is the hype going on now. Wait, does this mean I am a forerunner in fashion? ;)
The pink one-shoulder top might be a little too warm to wear, but for days like tuesday it would be okay to wear (It was 75-77F/24-25C).
Then I took my running stuff with me. I've always wanted to jog in Central park, just to be able to say "I've done it!" I love jogging, I always have and I always will, so jogging clothes in the bag!

The makeup is way too much to write about. I'm seriously not good in narrowing down makeup luggage. But it could be because I like changing makeup uses on a daily basis to not be entrenched in a routine. Here are the essentials:
I have been reaching for the bourjois lipstick (purple left) very often. I really love this lipstick since it is also nourishing to my lips. 
The maybelline BB; don't love don't hate it but it's almost empty so I am trying to take care of that. 
The porefection from benefit takes care of my visible pores.
I love the bronzer from Bourjois, it's the blush I have been reaching for the entire summer. I also like the brush from bourjois, it's super soft and transfers a good amount of blush to my face.
The YSL shocking mascara; love it! But I would love to try the YSL volume Babydoll as well. 
The l'Oreal SPF 50 sunblock, good product but does make my skin a little white.
The Chanel eyeshadow pallet: I love these colours and especially because they have a little shimmering.
The YSL cream blush; super good quality but a little more winter colour. I sometimes use it underneath the Bourjois bronzer.
My new benefit products + some extra lipstick I have been using a lot this sumer.  Lipsticks include Chanel coco rouge nr 67, a Bourjois chubby stick in red, and the MAC Diva.

That's it!
Newsreport on NYC follows soon!


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  1. Loved this post! We would really like to see a review on the brow kit:-) We would love for you to check out our new blog and tell us what you think:-)

    Rona and Laura xox