Today is in white and pink

It's funny how my blogs come about. I have a list of things I want to blog about and promised myself I will check these subjects off. But somehow I always find myself writing about something different. Todays subject is not on my list of things to write about. It's about my choice of colour today.
I sorted out a colour combination I actually never wear. White and pink...
I know there is nothing special about this, but I tried to find the meaning of the colour combination white and pink. I found: "in the language of flowers, a bunch of pink and white roses together means enduring love"
I could live with this definition.

The foundation. I find it unpleasant to wear foundation during summer because I sweat a lot which causes my make up to become cakey. But the YSL foundation has been really good to me even on the warm humid days in Chicago. This foundation is actually really creamy and feels like a day cream when applying it. After a few minutes the skin absorbs most of the cream and leaves a nice covering layer on my skin. I also like that this foundation is able to cover most of the skins unevenness.

The mascara. I somehow find myself buying the YSL mascara over and over. I like the brush; I have thin and only a few eyelashes and this brush is able to thicken en lengthen each lash separately. I would highly recommend this mascara. Although I do find it better when it's a little older, but I think this goes for all mascara's. I am open for new mascara's and was currently looking at the Benefit They're Real mascara. The brush seems good and the tip of the brush seems to touch even the smallest lashes.

The BB cream. I love BB's with high SPF because they help my save up that extra make up layer. It's a pity not every brand makes their BB with high SPF. This is why I stick to the Maybelline. The quality is reasonable. It does make my make up a bit flakey when the weather is humid. So I sometimes skip BB and use sunblock instead. I am now looking at the BB from Clarins which has SPF 25 and is of much better quality.

I had the sephora lipstick for a while now, but never really used it. After applying my pink nail polish, I thought matching it with this lipstick might be pretty. I like the quality of this lipstick. It's creamy, soft for my lips and stays on a while. It also doesn't wipe off immediately on a glass of water or diet coke.

The result:
The lipstick

The nail polish


Thank you for reading!
Enduring love,


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