So long farewell Sephora by OPI

The other day I made a stop at Sephora to check out the Bumble and Bumble curl conditioning creams. Unfortunately I didn't end up buying the Bumble and Bumble curl conditioning cream, but I did purchase some Sephora by OPI nail polish. I had never tried them before, since Sephora closed its operations in the Netherlands so I was really excited. The nail polish was 50% discounted and the rack was almost empty, but still I find some colours I liked.

Once home I tried out the reddish one (Ruby without a cause) and I was super pleased with it. Two days later the nail polish still didn't chip or scratch. So in terms of quality the Sephora by OPI is good, the colour I loved since it is burgundy-purple in two tone, which means it matches my MAC lipstick (Diva, read more here) perfectly. The gold nail polish (Charge it!) I tried in the store itself, I like the colour and it's perfect to do nail art with since it's so light-toned I can especially use it as a base. And the grey one (Dance till fawn) is also pretty, I like that it's easy to match with clothing because it's so neutral. What I also like about the nail polishes is that the brush is very handy it's a little flat but not too flat, which makes it easy to apply and cover the whole nail. Plus the nail polish dries fast! So this was my first Sephora by OPI try out I'm really pleased with the quality of them.
I have read reviews before but when I was in the store the makeup artist affirmed that Sephora by OPI will be discontinued - reason why the nail polish rack was half empty. And the woman said something about a new nail polish coming out, which is Sephora X, and she was expressing the X with her arms crossed. It looked so funny. She was excited about Sephora X (don't forget crossing the arms when you say that); supposedly a gel-like nail polish which shouldn't chip as fast. A lot of people in the reviews showed (Sephora website) how disappointed they are that this nail polish line is being discontinued. Let's hope the Sephora X won't disappoint us.
Until then I think I will stock up some Sephora by OPI nail polish - I'm not sure how I will get all of this junk back to the Netherlands :)
Here is a picture of the three nail polishes. Which colours are your favorite?

Thank you for reading again.


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