Radiant skin with essential oils; acne prone skin

A friend of mine went to Hamburg, Germany this spring and got me all of these essential oils. I didn't know what to do with them for a long period so I left them in the closet but did take them with me to Chicago. I decided essential oils are such a hype these days, there must be something good about them, and took a look into their uses.
This blog focusses on oily and acne prone skin.

Essential oils those might be helpful for oily/acne prone skin
Lavender oil has been used for centuries now. It has the potential to calm the mind, soothe the senses and to rejuvenate the skin. It also comforts and soothes red, blotchy or itchy skin.
Tea tree oil (not in the picture) is known for it's antiseptic antibacterial and antiviral properties and has been used as a wound healer for centuries.
A combination of tea tree oil and lavender oil can help regulate oil production and at the same time help treat redness of the skin.

Here are some DIYs:

You can make a deep cleansing exfoliator (pictures above):
10 drops of tea-tree oil
5 drops of lavender oil
2 tablespoons of olive, almond or vitamin E oil (whatever carrying oil you prefer)
20 g of salt
After washing the salt off your skin will feel oily. Leave the oil for your skin to absorb it.

You can make a night oil (apply before going to bed):
1-2 drops of tea-tree oil
1-2 drops of lavender oil
1 tablespoon of Olive oil or Argan oil
You should not apply everything at once, use this volume for 2-3 times.

You can make a face masque:
5 drops of lavender oil
5 drops of tea-tree oil
1 egg white
2 tablespoons of natural yoghurt (preference for normal yoghurt, since it contains other fats those might be healthy for the skin as well)

You can make a overnight spot corrector:
1-2 drops of tea-tree oil
1-2 drops of lavender oil
And something that thickens this combination. I prefer to use Sudocrem (which is listen in my tab genius dermatics)

Be aware of where you purchase your oils. Make sure the producer is trustworthy, because if oils are not produced and stored properly they can form peroxides (the Chemical rule of double bonds in unsatured oils; double bonds are susceptible to oxidization which then forms peroxides what can cause damage to the skin). Store your oils in a dark cool place (not in the fridge or freezer), when the smell changes it's time to dispose them.
A trustworthy essential oil producer and distributor is Tisserand. They produce good quality oils and are reasonable in price, also they ship to about everywhere.
The oils I have in the picture are from Rossmann and Gies Kerzen. They produce good quality oils as well, but do not ship to everywhere. Matter of fact the website is in German.

Thank you for reading and hope you find this helpful.


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