New York City report!

In my previous blog I viewed a small portion of the products I placed in the bag to NYC. And now I will write about the products I've been carrying daily. Also this blog is a little about NYC, what I've seen, eaten and loved in the city. I've placed the pictures on Photobucket, scroll through them to see what I've seen. The highlights are written below.


I've been trying to do the 5 minute beauty challenge (shower doesn't count), but unfortunately I am not able to do this since my hair requires so much nourishing and caring. But I am able to do the 5 minute makeup challange. Makeup I've used daily are these:

At some point I stopped using the porefiller, but lately I've been reaching for it very often. I like that it makes my skin-tone mate, especially during the summer after I applied sunblock. Although I find the effect doesn't hold on long, it wouldn't make half a day.
I like to use the boi-ing during the day, when my foundation fades a bit. Though I am really happy with the YSL foundation, because it stays set for a long time.
I have been using the bourjois lipstick every day up till now. I really love it because it's not too showy but still nourishes my lips properly. Really one of my favorites in lipsticks!

Skincare was also a part of the things I could include in the 5 minute makeup challenge.

In the morning after taking a shower I would use the Chanel Hydramax + Active, followed by the L'Oreal sunblock which I almost emptied. I love this sunblock and would gladly repurchase it, but I can't find it! I bought it a year ago at Schiphol airport, couldn't find it the last few times I have been there, nor in another store. Ahh well, a lot of new sunblock offers on the market!
At night after I removed my makeup, I would use the essential oils I made an oil mixture with argan oil, vitamin E oil, lavender oil and tea tree oil. I honestly don't think essential oils are panaceas but it's natural so I keep using it. Natural is the new technology right?! And maybe after 6 months I will see the amazing result.
Although not for the face, I used the Scholl Cracked heels Repair cream daily, because I have been walking for hours and hours on flip-flops or sandals, which are not per se feet protective. So applying this cream daily worked preventive.
I love the Elie Saab perfume. It is such a sweet and charming fragrance with a happy affix. You should smell it yourself. It stays on a long time too.

Other products I used are the nail polishes shown on the left. I used the white one for my toe-nails. I like the effect, because it's catchy and showy, but also simple and chic, and it matches everything. And I could apply it once, then change my nail (hands) polish every other day. I love the blue nail polish from Sephora, although I find it annoying I need to apply 3 layers for the color to be excellent. The nail polish does dry quickly, so even with 3 layers I could be done within 30 minutes.

The big city that never sleeps really felt like a bigger version of Amsterdam; crowded, busy, diverse, multicultural and so unique. I love NYC, it's also so beautiful. This I went time I was able to explore a park they build on an old train rail in the Meetpacking District, named the High line. The park is cool because you can look down on a shopping area and lovely neighborhood, but the impression it gave wasn't a park. Also most of the rails were gone. If I was the creator of the park I would stick to a gravel path to walk on and even create tracks on the railways to walk on and more trees. But this is just my opinion. I did notice the park is famous and gave an economical push to that neighborhood. A lot of new buildings are being constructed and people fancy the neighborhood. The High line connects a big area and is quite a long path to walk on.
Other things I found exclusive was walking through Tribeca (Triangle Below Canalstreet) and west village. These areas are not famous to tourists, but really worth walking through. They are quiet, well maintained, child friendly, a lot of small parks, a lot of restaurants, a lot of shops, city bikes everywhere and a lot of young people. So if you would want to be outside the busy-ness of NYC walk through this area, you will love it.

China-town is a must, it's so chaotic and busy and people trying to sell you fake bags everywhere.. Also there are so many jewelries. I just wonder who buys those stuff?? The souvenirs I get, people want a t-shirt with I love NYC, but the jewelry and the fake bags.. Eeeh *roll eyes*. Also the place absolutely smells like China itself, trash everywhere and everything spelled in Chinese. But you have to see it! Although I liked San Fransisco's Chinatown more, NYC's Chinatown is also a must. And please feel free to have a meal in this area. It's super cheap! We paid $20 for 3 people to have diner, and we were full.
I also walked the Brooklyn bridge, which is another must. Exploring Brooklyn itself is also great to thing to do since it is the new hipster-neighborhood, or like my friend said it's the NYC Wickerpark (I will write about Wickerpark soon). I didn't have much time to fully explore Brooklyn, but the next time I visit NYC it will be priority.

Some other things I would recommend: Jog in Central park even if it's just the 2 mile track around the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, visit the Empire state building (entrance fee $25), visit the statue of liberty (if you want to go to the crown, reserve a ticket 2 months up front), go to a club in the SOHO, shop at Saks & Company on Fifth avenue, ride a city bike, explore flatiron district, walk through Madison avenue all the way up to 60th street (exquisite shops, or just a lot of labels), visit ground zero (where construction will be finished hopefully soon), visit the Grand Central Terminal when still operating (beautiful train/subway station) and last but not least visit Time square. To eat: pastrami sandwich, big slice of New York style plain pizza, try a bagel, knish and eggs Benedict. When I travel, I wish I would be more of a travel blogger instead of a beauty blogger. Sharing with people what to do during traveling is just so much fun.

The New York City Report 2013!
Click on this photo-album to view my pictures in photo bucket!

NYC is definitely a city you have to see, like Amsterdam is. Especially if you love traveling. Place NYC (and Amsterdam) on your bucket list and don't scratch it off until you check it off!

Hope you liked my blog!
Thanks for reading it and please feel free to follow me on bloglovin' or through email!



  1. New-york is famous for fashion and food.The craze for beauty products has reached new heights in youngsters and companies are cashing down this new craze by launching numerous products in the market.There is a whole variety of beauty products for women in the market.

    1. Yes indeed.. I didn't shop tho, too busy with walking around :D

  2. oh girl, you are enjoying NYC!!! love the YSL mascara, will try some of your recommendations. I envy you so much, Im in love the states :)

    xx from Moscow

    1. Thank you so much :) You should visit NYC once, it's definitely worth it. And the YSL mascara is great.

  3. LOVEEE NY!!! Can't wait to visit the big apple!

    1. You should visit! I think you especially will love it :)
      Thanks for the comment! xx

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    1. Hey thank you so very much for the support! I really appreciate it.

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