MAC luscious kisses

Yesterday at Armitage avenue in Chicago I purchased my first Mac lip products. I've always wanted to try MAC lipsticks and we have them in the Netherlands but I never actually bought one. So I decided since I am in the country of MAC I might as well buy MAC here, agree? When I entered the MAC store I was welcomed by the lipsticks. Super happy and excited I started trying different colours out. Luckily the people were busy so I could play with all the lip-colours and the lipliners. I applied, removed, reapplied, removed, took pictures. Nobody cared. I was in my playground.

What I wanted was an intense colour, a bordeaux like colour. I ended up with Diva, which is actually purple-burgundy and matte. When I applied it to my lips, the lipstick gave an effect as if my lips were dry. Even if I had scrubbed them before going to the store, you could see the natural lines every unpolished lip has. The make-up artist advised me the lip base prep+prime, which supposedly fills op the lines resulting in a smoother effect. Since the colour Diva is predominantly burgundy, I decided to take the lipliner burgundy as well. Combining Diva with the burgundy lipliner gave a crazy sexy effect. So I was super happy with the choice. It looked exactly like what I had in mind.
Here are some pictures of me wearing Diva:

The Diva ;)

At Topshop trying out the shirt
I really want that shirt!

But this wasn't it. As always I am never satisfied with just one colour. I somehow always end up with more than a lipstick even if I was determined to purchase just one lipstick. I also got myself Syrup which has luster and is a natural colour. I wanted this lipstick colour to enhance my own lip colour, for those days I don't want to be conspicuous but still look good.

Neutral chick colour, Syrup with luster
After choosing these colours the make up artist applied Diva, with both the prep+prime and the lipliner, some extra concealer and blush, and of course she tried to talk me into buying them. The blush I loved and I would give it a second thought, but the concealer was terrible. I removed it after she applied it, it was that bad. Maybe it was the colour she applied or I don't know, but I wasn't satisfied. Also she said it was a 15 hour concealer, but it started coming of immediately. Wipe with a towel and along with the sweat it went. So no MAC concealer for me. But the lipsticks I am absolutely in love with.
This was my MAC haul.. I would definitely go back for some lipsticks.

Thank you for reading again.