In and out the shower with Rituals

One of my favorite things to do is taking a morning shower to wake up my lazy skin. I am a morning person, I love sleeping, but when I wake up I am never ever groggy or cantankerous. So the greater part of myself that needs to wake up is my skin. Rituals has been one of my favorite bath and shower brands for a while now. I like the combination of fragrances they offer specifically in their bath/shower products. Though their products are pretty strongly scented I don't find it as disturbing as Lush (I love Lush, but not too much and also not all day). Rituals also has a line for sensitive skin which I thought about trying out since I've suddenly started reacting allergic to the moringa body butter from the Body Shop. Luckily the rash/eczema stopped appearing after I stopped using the moringa body butter and my skin also didn't react allergic to the other body butters.
The foaming shower gel:
I have been a using this shower gel for a while now. I think I tried all the foaming shower gels from all the lines Rituals offers and none has disappointed me. Why do I like this foam so much? I like the whole shower gel in a bottle with a pump idea. Now what this foam creates is extraordinary. It is actually like a shaving cream same foaming result but scented and soapy. Use a shower sponge and you can foam yourself away. Here underneath is a picture showing how foamy this gel can get.

The shower cream scrub:
Never before have I tried the body scrubs from Rituals but the past week I've used it about 3 times. Personally I am not a big fan of coarse body scrubs since I believe your skin (except the palms and feet) doesn't need to be scrubbed off to be healthy. The skin has a natural system where dead skin cells are removed automatically. The more you scrub the more vulnerable you make your skin to infections. Also you can create hyper-production of skin cells which can make your skin thicker and rougher. Thus you will create a cycle in scrubbing and thickening of the skin, which is not the effect you'd want. Now back to this specific scrub; I love it. The scrub is a combination of a gel cleanser and a scrub. It's not coarse at all, rather softening. Some people say when they use this scrub, they don't feel like they've even scrubbed. But like I said I don't like coarse scrubs, I like to save my skin a little bit so this scrub is ideal for myself.

The scent:
This scent is definitely a sweet/fresh scent. Initially I found this fragrance strange because an orange isn't exactly a scent I would use for a fragrance but contradictory orange is a great scent to excite my senses with freshness. So I feel clean and happy.

If this blog got you interested in Rituals and you would like to know more about them, check out the website at I like them, so maybe you might.

I really appreciate all the responses and complements I've been getting lately.
Thank you for reading!


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    1. Yes they are! I love them so much, and will probably stick to them.

  2. I never thought about body exfoliation like that, you make an interesting point! I've never tried anything from Rituals, but they always tempt me when I see them.I love their packaging, so pretty! Thanks for the review. xx