How do I take my makeup off

I love the feeling of a clean fresh face. So whenever I come home from school or work I mostly immediately take my make up off. If the night is still young I sometimes wash my face twice, the second time with water only accept if I reapplied my make up. My skin is on the edge of being oily and acne prone, but the season of these conditions varies. During the winter my skin is dryer but a lot more acne prone, during the summer I have kind of oily skin or it's just an overflow of sweat ;)

Since my skin condition varies so much I need new creams every other season and I can also not stick to the same cleansers. So during this summer season in Chicago I take my make up off with the above products.

Always my eyes first. I purchased the Nivea eye makeup remover on sale at Etos in the Netherlands. I actually love this thing, it does what it says "removes waterproof makeup while protecting the eyelashes" I have never lost an eyelash from this product, even if I would wear waterproof mascara. I usually opt for the two phase (notice the two layers blue and clear) eye makeup removers, because they're suitable for waterproof make up and they never burn my eyes. The one phase sometimes tend to burn my eyes. This eye make up remover is based on cornflower extract (clear phase) and sunflower oil (blue phase), no redundant additives.

Since my skin tends to be oily during the summer I like to use products for acne prone skin. I bought the Formula10.0.6  foaming cleanser which was actually an emergency case. I was out of facial cleanser (note, I just flew in from the Netherlands) and needed something good but not as potent. This cleanser contains green tea and chamomile extract to pacify the acne and passionfruit to balance the skin. I like this cleanser, it's super softening for my skin and not dehydrating at all.

I got the So Totally Clean deep pore cleanser (see picture: small bottle with yellow/orange fluid in it) for free with the foaming cleanser, which contains 0,5% salicylic acid and alcohol. This thing is fluid; first apply it to a cotton ball and then dab the blemishes. But I am not suffering any acne so I use it preventive and twice a week over my entire face. I did notice it helps with oiliness of my face. Products with salicylic acid are good for acne prone skin, this is why it is one of the most commonly used beta hydroxy acids (sometimes brands/products try to impress people with all kinds of fancy names and they would write beta hydroxy acid instead of salicylic acid) for acne. Salicylic acid is a chemical compound discovered in the 5th century BC, and was initially meant to reduce pain and heal fevers. Now a days salicylic acid is used for skin conditions, like mild acne. I like this product although I would be careful with abusing it, since it can cause extreme dehydration of the skin.


Because facial cleansers for acne skin tend to dry my skin, I am always a little skeptical with its use. So I switch every other day with a facial cleanser for normal skin. I just purchased the fresh soy face cleanser which is supposedly gentle for the face and eyes. According to instructions you can remove eye make up with it as well. I tried washing my eyes with it and it doesn't burn or irritate them at all, it is unscented and I find it smells like the pharmacy (note I'm in Pharmacy school). I actually love this stuff, it is soft for my skin and cleanses it well. Although it does contain parabens, which can cause allergic reactions to some. Actually I find the ingredients list not natural at all (but the label doesn't state that), the list is long with a bunch of additives of which I think they could skip. But apart from the list, this cleanser works good and doesn't make my facial skin dry.

So this is how I take off my make up.
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  1. I love Formula 10.0.6 products - they work so well but are underhyped! However I tend to become lazy some evenings and use a wet wipe and a random face wash to remove makeup rather than BiFacil.
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  2. I really want to try something from Formula 10.0.6, but I haven't decided which one of their products are standout.

    1. I personally like this foaming cleanser, but I haven't tried other products yet. You can always read the reviews and decide. xx