Greetings from Chicago-land

After a full day traveling, transiting, being bored at the airport, being bored in the airplane, sleeping, watching movies, eating and carrying my luggage I finally arrived at my destiny - Chicago land. Since I already lived here, for a short period I knew what to expect. But I have never been so excited to be back. I was not surprised the weather in Chicago was much better than in the Netherlands.. I just hope it stays like this and doesn't become as hot and humid as it was last year.
After diner, a shower and a long talk, I went to bed and of course woke up way too early. Jet lag, I dislike you! But it's all part of traveling.

In bed I started thinking why I travel so much, even when I don't always like it as much. I dislike the commute especially when it is as complicated as it was getting here. Never have I loved going to places as much unless I know locals. When I travel, seeing the place is not about being there, taking pictures and saying I have been there. Traveling for me is more a live transition. Like reading a book, when I read a book I transit into the character for a period and fully live the book. This is what traveling is about, when I am somewhere I want to be with a local who can make me feel like a local. For example, Paris, where I have been so often - I never started loving it as much until a local person showed me around. The non-touristy places and suburbs where you can find the best local food for lower prices and where you can find local made crafts for reasonable prices.
This is how I started loving Chicago as much. It feels like home to me and I think this feeling will continue. The day after my arrival I already had to see other friends for some belated july 4th celebration and the third day I went to the Indiana dunes. It feels and seems like even when I won't be working this year, I will still be fully scheduled and I will love it.

Here are some pictures from last year:
Chicago by night.

Behind me is the river.

I dislike Donald Trump, but he has a cool building

The Bean!

There's nothing funner than to run on LSD!
LSD stands for Lake Shore Drive
That was it. It's 7.30 am, I am going for a 10 mile (no we're not talking kilometers!) run.
Thank you for reading!

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