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When I search in google for "foot care blogs" I mostly find blogs about diabetes foot or other foot diseases, written by people who refer to themselves as doctors. It is difficult to find information about foot care for people who do not suffer a foot disease, and the beauty blogs I read almost never write about foot care. Such a pity.
I believe that when beauty has your best interest foot care should be part of your interest as well.
Healthy feet are easy to maintain when you have a pedicure or go to Dr. Fish every month. But not everyone would regularly opt for such treatments, since they are really expensive and your feet would still require maintenance over time.

During the winter we spend most of the time wearing socks and closed shoes. This combination is able to keep your feet hydrated since the feet are closed from air and water doesn't vaporize from your feet as easily. This is why during the winter our feet look and feel better.
Although we show our feet more during summer. It is important to maintain the healthy feet we get from the winter.

Simple steps should work, like:
Brush your feet everyday with a normal foot brush, this keeps your feet clean and helps prevent callus
Use a foot file once every week, focus on the heels because they are first to crack. It's best to do this right after a shower so the feet are still moistened. 
I got the minis as a gift in a box with other stuff, it contains a foot scrub and a foot balm. I love the smell of Rituals cosmetics, so I love these products.

Use a deeply hydrating cream for your feet. You can put the cream before going to bed with winter warm socks on. If you're not comfortable sleeping wearing socks, you can do this combination once you arrive home. I like this repair cream from Scholl it's very oily and contains urea for hydration. Apply it when you can wait for your feet to absorb the fat, because you might slip from it.

Relax your feet in a warm water bath once every month. You can use regular bath salts or those specifically for feet. I love to add 2 drops of eucalyptus oil to this bath. And afterwards you may use a foot scrub to take of all the dirt. You can make a foot scrub yourself with sugar and olive oil, or beach sand with butter - I love the last one, although it really smells like butter. Rinse the feet properly after the scrub.

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