Armitage's shopping monday and David's tea

There's a street up north in Chicago, Armitage with a few small shops and restaurants. I had driven and biked past this street, but never took the time to walk around the block. Fortunately I have more time to actually see places and area's in Chicago this year, because last year was all about work.
I wanted to purchase a specific lipstick from MAC which is actually what brought me to Armitage avenue. This shopping street is super cute, with all sorts of small shops like for example Arteffect.

At Arteffect you could find almost everything for in house and yourself. All the different scented candles and bath salts, either handmade, organic or both. Here are some sample pictures:

Bath salt scented with milk, oatmeal and vanilla.
I loved the sweet scent of these bath salts. Worth the bath, for sure.

Look at the refill soap jar on the left. So cute.
They had different scented candles, all worth trying out.

There were other shops like Benefit, American apparel, L'Occitane, and so on. One store I had to stop at was David'sTea. Why? Because I could not pass this sign.
Please try me, I taste irresistible!

How sweet is this? In the Netherlands we would never have this, at least not in Amsterdam, but probably because it's too crowded. I of course tried the tea and it was delicious. I had to go in. David'sTea had fresh brewed ice tea for immediate drinking or tea to brew at home. I bought 4 different flavours which are: Happy Kombucha, Organic Kanpe Tea, Tropicalia and Pink Lemonade.

The Happy Kombucha has Oolong tea flavoured with mango, pineapple and kombucha powder. I like the smell of this tea. Non of the flavours are predominant.
The Organic Kanpe Tea has hibiscus, mango, cinnamon, papaya, banana, coconut and stevia. So it's more a sweetened tea (the stevia). When I smelled this one I just wanted to eat it. Probably because of the mango, banana and coconut combination.
The tropicalia consists of apple, pineapple, coconut, rose, safflower, sugar hears and marigold. This tea smells so sweet, like lonka if you don't know what this is check it out here! This is good stuff, really sweet and bad, but worth the try.
The last tea I purchased was pink lemonade which consists of hibiscus, mango, rooibos, lemon peel, lemon myrtle, lemongrass, stevia and cornflower petals. This tea is really fresh and I think excellent for the hot summer weather going on here in Chicago.

Here are some more pictures from Armitage avenue

The Lush irresistible sweetness for the tub.

Cute shop, worth taking a look at.

American Apparel

Cute isn't it

Tomorrow I will present what I purchased at MAC.
Thank you for reading!


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