A lovely summer with Bourjois

The other day I went to the local drugstore to purchase some lipsticks from Bourjois after I had tried their Chubby stick. Bourjois had definitely become my favourite drugstore brand and I think this preference will continue. I love the colours they use to attract my attention and the quality of their products is worth the money.

What I got from their summer collection
The bronzing powder. I absolutely love this bronzing powder. I use it as a blush, especially when I am wearing the nude lipstick nr 02 (see below). It has a little glittering effect, but not too much. This bronzing powder comes in two tones, a light one and a darker one. I sometimes use this bronzer as a body shimmer, especially for my neck, breast and my shoulders. I have a friend who purchased the bronzing primer and she finds it amazing. She got so obsessed with it she wears it daily. Sometimes underneath her regular blush and sometimes as a blush. This primer also helps the blush stay longer.

The two lipsticks. 
Number 02 from the rouge edition is a nude colour (new purchase). I never really wear nude, because I find it difficult to combine with clothes and make up. But I just found out pink/orange/purple blush doesn't go with nude lipsticks. It does go with bronzing and brown blush or just darker foundation as the cheek highlighter with some bronzing on it. I really love this nude lipstick and am looking forward to using this very often!

Number 25 from the shine edition is purple (new purchase). I think this lipstick is not a real lipstick but more a lipgloss. It's not as creamy as a regular lipsticks are - more shiny and glossy and not sticky at all. This lipstick is great to combine with pink/purple-ish blush. I think this blush will be another one of my favourite summer colours.

I had to try the chubby stick from Bourjois. They come in 4 different colours, light pink, pink, orange and red. The effect of the light pink, pink and orange wasn't noticeable or at least you don't see the contrast with my natural lip colour. So I got the red one. Which is really bright, beautiful and also comfortable to wear. I have been wearing this chubby stick ever since I got it, which is mostly a good sign because I never stick to one lipstick. My friends tried it out and loved it as well. The disadvantage is that it has fragrance, which might cause allergic reactions.

Above: Chubby stick
Middle: Nude, Rouge edition
Below: Purple, Shine edition

And of course the nail polishes. I love these nail polishes, because you only need 1 layer for it to set good. And it dries so fast. It's unbelievable. I love especially the blue one, which really pops out doesn't matter what you're wearing or doing for a matter.
And for the love of Bourjois, I bought their Kabuki brush as well. I love this brush it's super soft.

This was my Bourjois collection.

Tomorrow I am flying to Chicago to stay for the entire summer. I am already fully packed. I hope I don't have too much luggage - since I don't have a weigh scale I can't check this. But I will give it a shot. I am so looking forward to this trip. I will see my friends again be able to do fun stuff, and the weather over there is much much better than the weather here! 
So the next time I blog will be from Chicago.

Thank you reading again!

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