A healthy habit

I previously mentioned I was changing my food habits and exercise routine to get in better shape. It feels and seems as if I am getting to my goal. It's a shame I don't have a weight scale to weigh myself, but I do have clothes and hands where I can measure my size and feel my muscle weight growing with.  I love seeing progress in whatever I am doing. It makes me happy I didn't give up and stimulates me to keep on going.
What drives people to adjusting their food habits. Most people would say health considerations some would say appearance. In either way, the habit of eating whatever you want whenever you want is not longer in vogue.

Small food tips I have to reduce the amount of calories you take in are:
Reduce a portion's size, especially cutting back on carbs can help. Although you must consider if you exercise a lot (average of 6+ hours per week) carbs are good energy sources and can help prevent muscle damage.
Exchange fatty meat for lean meat. Pork especially is very fatty meat, cutting back on pork can make a big change. Choose chicken or turkey instead.
Eat a lot of fish.
If you're not used to eating little, fluid foods like diet shakes might not work for you.
Try to variate in food as much as possible. It has been shown multiple times that varying foods is best for your metabolism.
Try out MyFitnesPal.
Keep your mind busy with other things you like especially when you feel hungry. I for example like reading about politics, so whenever it feels like the hunger is unbearable I read the news or books about  politics.

My food tips:
I like to add things to my sandwiches. Today I had a bun with light cheese, tomato and banana. If you're a fan of the sweet-hearty combination, this sandwich might work for you.

I love hummus. So I would eat raw veggies with hummus as a snack.

You might want to try yogurt combined with one table spoon of coconut milk, strawberries and oat meal or granola. I love this for breakfast!

Thank you for reading!
My next blog will be about foot care.


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