Zara smells like

Today I stopped at Zara home, which is half a kilometer from my house. I was looking for a gift for my friend, who I still owned a gift. I had never been in the Zara home. But the impression I had from the store from outside was small, but cute. Once I was inside it felt so cosy. Blankets all over the store, little things like candlelights, soap bottles, cutlery, bottles for alcohol, bottles for sirup or water.
And of course they had home fragrances. A lot of them. Also fragrance sticks.

I bought her the Dark Amber home fragrance which smells so good it was almost a skin perfume.

I really love the smell of this home fragrance. It has a deep smell with a sweet tint and a wood tang. A really warm home perfume. What I also like is that the fragrance stays for a long period. My friend is very picky with perfume, so I was afraid she wouldn't like it but she did! So much, she was really happy with it. Couldn't stop smelling it. Which made me really happy.

This was it about Zara's home fragrances! Enjoy finding yours :)


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