Veet waxing strips

I remember; before I tried waxing I was seriously terrified of it. I could imagine how much it did for hours. Yes hours. But after a long time thinking, doubting, rethinking, redoubting I decided to do it and now I am totally addicted! The first time waxing does hurt, sadly yes. So I would highly recommend to go to a beauty/waxing salon when you're getting waxed for the first time. Simply because the hairs are probably harder, ingrown and you could hurt yourself because you did it incorrect. Especially removal of pubic and armpit hair hurts. Salons mostly give creams and balms to calm the skin down after the wax and to prevent the hair from ingrowing.

But after a couple of waxing treats at the salon, you could also try Veet waxing strips.

I have been using the classic (upper) Veet waxing strips for a while now and I like them. Especially for my legs - if you do it correctly it removes every hair. No problem there.
And I just found out about the berry wax (under), thought I would try them. But these strips are not working, at all! It might be me, but they don't stick as good to my hairs, when I pull the strip off probably two third are still there and when I use it for my armpits it just hurts. I was so disappointed in these strips. So no more berry strips for me.

I like the finishing wipes Veet gives you. It's meant to remove the last bit of wax left on your skin. When I do my armpit I just clean my armpit with these wipes, and do not use deodorant. Simply because the pores are open, and you could damage your skin with it.

Thank you for reading!

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