My secret Chanel obsession

I have a thing for Chanel products.. Which doesn't make me exclusive, because I think a lot of women share this obsession with me. Although I think my obsession is getting out of control.
I started with purchasing 1 lipstick from Chanel, which was 8 years ago. A beautiful pink lipstick from rouge Coco, nr 17 Orchidee, the colour is not as flashy - more mat and simple. I used it everyday untill I finished it, then repurchased. I love it and still have it although I don't use it as often..
A year later I purchased a Chanel nail polish, which was a simple deep red nail polish, nr 475 Dragon. Although the lid of this nail polish broke, I still kept it and still use it.
And slowly but surely my Chanel obsession grew into this addiction. I finished bottles of foundation, creams and face washes. Even if the Chanel cosmetics are not the best choice when it comes to organic and natural products, and especially not advisable to sensitive skin - I cannot stop. They smell so good, ugh :). And believe it or not they make and keep my skin super soft. Every time I enter the Bijenkorf (big warehouse in the Netherlands), Nordstrom (big warehouse in the US) or another cosmetic-store like Sephora I can't help but stop at the Chanel department (if this was whatsapp I would put the roll eyes emoticon).

This is what I have now.

As you can see the Allure perfume's colour is quite dark. I have had this perfume for 6 years now. I think it expired it smells like alcohol, but I refuse to throw it away. I had the Coco mademoiselle perfume as well, but I think I lost it.. Can't remember. I chose my glasses based on the brand... And the lipgloss I have are absolutely gorgeous. I like the creaminess of Chanel's lipsticks and lipgloss. They really keep my lips hydrated and soft like a lipstick/gloss should.

My favourite Chanel product is still their nail polish. I love Chanel's nail polish. They are good quality, stays on for a full week and the limited editions are always so heavenly. I wish I could have all of the nail polishes. And apparently this wish is obvious.
Like my about mentions I tutor high school and university students in chemistry. In the Netherlands high school students take an exam at the end of their high school period. Passing this exam is highly crucial for graduating high school. So I mostly train those students. And one of my students, who just graduated, was apparently so happy with my help she bought me the Chanel new limited edition nail polish, nr 657 Azure. I think this was about the sweetest thing anyone had ever done for me. I didn't expect it at all! So I was, am still, really surprised. When I asked her, how do you know I love nail polish, she responded "I noticed from all the times I saw you you always had a different nail polish on" and when I asked why Chanel she responded "because I think every woman adores Chanel". I am super happy with this gift. And I think the Azure just defeated my previously favourite Bel-Argus nail polish..
Thank you so much Noah!
Blue and green became my favourite nail polish colours.
I find them exclusive and pretty.
The Azure has them both!

Pictures from the other products I heart.

The two new limited editions from Chanel (they have one more though)

Azure and Peridot are two toned.
Peridot has green and gold.
Azure has green and blue.
Bel-Argus is blue only.

Thank you for reading again!
I promise next time I won't obsess with Chanel =)
And I forgot to update my "Tip of the week" so sorry..



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