Looking back; what I used in May

In the month may the weather in northern Europe wasn't as great as we expected. It was rather disappointing.
But it seems as if june will be better. So to survive the cold, rainy days in may I used products those could help my skin a bit.

These products I used daily:
For my whole body, I used shea butter from the body shop on a daily basis. I love the smell, and shea butter is really good for your skin. I have super soft skin, thanks to the body shop body butters.
The Hydreane riche I use because of my sensitive skin.

The cetomacrogol vaseline cream I use at night. It's prescribed by the doctor, because my skin gets dry and irritated from sunlight.

1. The left spray is for curly hair by Andrelon. I love this spray. Whenever I see some curls don't look like they should, I use this spray to give them some energy.
2. The Chanel eyebrow kit of which the brushes are super wack. But I love the powder, it's great quality actually if you have good brushes to make good fine lines with.
3. My all time favourite mascara from Yves Saint Laurent. I absolutely love this mascara. It separates all of my eye lashes and gives them a lot of volume. When I want a shocking effect I use it 3 times, with a drying pause in between.
4. Maybelline's BB cream. I love this BB cream. Although it's not the best I have ever tried, but I love it because it has SPF 30. It's so difficult to find BB with SPF 30 in other brands. So I think I will keep using this one, the entire summer.
5. The porefessional. This product is absolutely great and really does it's work. To read more about it, click here
6. Chanel's and I, our May favourite; May nr 535. This colour is really pretty. It's soft pink, but still an eye catcher.
7. My favourite hair product is Moroccan Argan Oil from Organix. I love this oil, it makes my hair really soft and healthy. I never apply it on wet hair, only when my hair is dry.
8. My Yves saint Laurent creamy blush. This is about the best cream blush I have ever tried. It's not difficult to define the blush into perfect, because it's not thick and sticky. The tint I get from it is so natural and pretty.

My next blog will be about a skin condition treatment. Tips and hints how to survive it.



  1. I love the way the body butter smell but i find them to rich for day time use.

    Walk of Fashion

    1. Yeah, I get your point. But Shea butter isn't as strong scented. Have you ever tried Lush?