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I know the name of my blog indicates skin subjects only but I still decided to share my diet with you. Writing about my diet is also an inspiration for myself. Because I now have audience who can support me.

I decided to start dieting because this summer I am going on vacation the Turkish Riviera. This indicates beach + bikini. And beach + bikini = flat belly.

I started with downloading an app called MyFitnessPall. Although this would be difficult for me, because I am really bad in keeping food diaries. But I am trying. I like this app, because it helps you count your calories. Although it doesn't advice you with food.

This is what MyFitnessPall suggested.

One of my best friends is really good in dieting and exercising. He started training 2 months ago and 1 month later he already had a six pack. I asked him for help and first thing he asked was "what do you want to accomplish." I showed him a Victoria's Secret model picture and immediately added "I don't want to crash diet. I just want a hardcore boost diet, with everything I need and a lot of exercise so I can build muscles very fast."
Then he asked me what my exercise plan was.
I replied "Jogging and maybe abs training"
His advice was: "eat a lot of proteins, proteins are crucial for muscle building. Avoid saturated fats, consume monounsaturated fats, eat carbs because you are jogging and run at least 5 times a week for 1 hour."
I thought I was going to faint. Seriously 5 times a week jogging for 1 hour and dieting.. Hmm I'm not sure if I still wanted the belly. But immediately after I saw the VS model picture again I knew I had to do this for myself.
So I started with filling in the information on the app. The app suggested I had only 1290 kCal per day to consume. =( I was shocked. I know if I consume too little I faint, so I started doubting even more. But I really wanted to accomplish this so I thought "let me just start, we'll see where I will end"
And example of one of my days. I was really happy with the last (right) picture.


This is me now. 
What I like about eating a lot of protein during a diet is that you feel full from it. And apparently I need all the protein because otherwise I will damage my muscles.
Some foods I added to my diet are: Mozzarella light, Quark, Yoghurt and tomato.
I usually don't consume these things very often, but they are all (except the tomato) full of protein. Mozzarella has 20% protein, although 16% fat if you take the regular mozzarella. The light version contains only 6,8% of fat, which is okay.
Also chicken and turkey are good protein sources and have the least of fat from all the meats. Avoid pork as much as possible.
And consume avocado, egg whites, a lot of fish, olive oil, rice, potato and pasta (be mild with the carbs, but don't avoid them).
And I am allowed to have a snack twice a week, which is not KFC or Hamburgers, but Ice cream and chips for example.
Since the diet is only 5 weeks, I would survive without starving.
Do you have a diet which works good? Post a comment, because I would love to know!

My next blog will be about skin products again.
Wish me luck with this diet!

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