What goes in my bag..

As I mentioned in my previous blog I am going to Paris this weekend. Tomorrow is the big day. Around 8.30 my bus will leave Amsterdam. Together with my 3 friends we will head towards the big city of Love... You have no clue how excited I am. Even if I go to Paris regularly, every time I go I feel the same adrenaline rush. Je t'aime Paris! And I will finally have a chance to practice my french...

So What goes in my bag for this trip?
My empty bag

Crucial cosmetics
Do you know Paradontax (tube leftmost)? This is a toothpaste which I would highly recommend if you have sensitive teeth or gum. My gum bleeds easily, so my mouth may taste like blood if I use regular toothpaste. It's so annoying. I don't know what causes the bleeding, but paradontax is the only toothpaste my gum can handle.

My Favorite hair stuff. All cheap and affordable, but so good for curls.

I don't know where my big cosmetics bag is. So I am improvising...

I like to use samples when I am on vacation.
Easy make up

Small make up bag

Not an excessive pile of clothes right? It's only 3 days.
Simple Jewelry

Small bags, easy to cary..

Portable Camera which takes good pictures! <3 +SonyCybershot
It's going to rain, so rain boots it is!
My full bag.

So this will be in my bag for my bus trip to Paris.
I will try to post something when I am there and I will definitely do a "What comes out of my bag" when I return!
Paris je viens ici!
Thank you for reading..

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