The porefessional

I'm a little late with the Benefit hype, but I must say I like their products. I love that everything is so cute, with little dolls on it and special font. I haven't tried everything yet but from the make up I have tried I love the blush and the sun beam (blush in a nailpolish flask). For people with lighter skin the posietint is nice so check those out.

But my favorite product is the porefessional.

Not without a reason the porefessional is one of the best sold products at Sephora. The porefessional fills the pores, making your skin even. It works well and even on acne scars. Apply a little more on the acne scars, wait a minute or two, and then apply your foundation.
Although I'm not sure if the porefessional goes under your BB, on your BB cream or no BB so I tried all three. And honestly it doesn't make a difference.
The instructions also suggest you can use it during the day when the pores reappear.I have tried this, and it does work. Even if you don't reapply your foundation.

And ofcourse the ingredientslist. The porefessional doesn't contain parabens or sulphates. So it's suitable for those who are allergic to these compounds. Although it does contain fragrance, but I'm not sure what kind of fragrance oil or if it's just aroma. When I smell it, it smells like baby (zwitsal). Such a soft smell :)

So in conclusion: the porefessional is worth your money, it really works and it smells nice. Check it out!
In Europe you can find Benefit at Sephora or Douglas. In the US at Sephora and their online store.

Thank you for reading!

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