Paris part 2

I decided to write a part two about Paris, because I saw so many things I would like to share with you. 
First day we drove from Amsterdam to Paris with a tour bus. The bus was comfortable, although I disliked that we were stopping so often.
Once arrived in Paris we went to the restaurant for diner. The diner was part of the tour, but we had to pay extra. The food was pretty crappy, and so not french. So I would dissuade the restaurant called "Panorama", it's in the area of the Sacre Coeur. Although 3 course diner costs only 17 euros. 
After diner the tour bus brought us to our hotel which was 25 km outside of Paris. The hotel room was super small, but at least it was clean. We unpacked and started discussing and planning the next day. What to do and where to go to. 
Once we figured out what we were going to do, I took a look into Yamin's cosmetics. This is what I found:
According to her the mat powder from Rimmel London is super good. It doesn't make your face caky at all.
She loves the Rimmel BB as well, because it doesn't make her face dry and it has SPF25.
The popcorn lip scrub from lush smells amazing (yes it does!), although I find it too sweet.
For the face. She said it helps hydrating her skin, and makes it super soft.

Her make up pallet from NYX. I tried the eye make up and it's super good :)
She had much more stuff, but I found these the most important to show to you.

We ended the night with cards
Before bed we played cards.

The next day our walk started at the Eiffel Tower.
I Love this picture. It's so clear! And only taken with my iPhone 

At the Eiffel Tower. My friend Yamin feels short :)

We went to the Sephora and found:
Those prices.. Those volumes.. 

This is a want!

I love the tint

This is at Champs Élysées:
Beautiful color combination! Only in Paris
We went to Ladurée at Rue Royale
At Ladurée. <3 Macarons 

Cute packages

This is Lafayette:
At Lafayette. Sorry about my finger.  


Cute ^^

Guerlain. Love the bottle, dislike the price. 

These are souvenirs you can buy in a regular supermarket
Cute book.



This is at a chocolate shop:
Chocolate art
This was it. I will spare you the rest of our pictures.
Thank you for reading/taking a look at my pictures!



  1. AAAH! This is so cool and funny at the same time Kady! Awesome that you have a blog! I remember you asking me questions about the products but didn't expect it was for a blog too;) I would've been even more detailed about it if I knew haha. No playing cards, only exchanging beauty info haha. Chi and Man Di would've had such a blast. I was also thinking about blogging, so I wouldn't feel so bad for buying so many beauty products. So, now being inspired by you, I'm gonna start writing a blog too! Then we could be eachothers (only, haha) follower...foreeeveeerrrrr!!!

    1. Omg wuhahahahha Yamin! jaa deze blog bestaat al super lang, maar niemand leest het.. Ik blijf maar bloggen. Is leuk joh. Ga maar ook schrijven, vermindert idd het schuldgevoel!