Oils for beauty. Why the hype?

Oils are todays biggest hype when it comes to beauty, cosmetics and hair. Oil are good to nourish, hydrate the skin and soften the skin, and they are good for your hair as well.
But why the hype, and why are they actually working so good.
Pure oils extracted from nuts, plants or seeds are mostly rich in vitamins and minerals which are good for the skin. The oil itself penetrates deep into the skin and nourishes it. Nevertheless they don't make your skin oily or clog the pores. So the oils are also good to use as a day cream and good bases for your daily make up. A lot of plant oils are rich in vitamin E, which is a highly potential antioxidant. Some oils have more un-satured fat than others do.. Do you know the rule unsaturated fat is good, saturated fat is bad? Always remember this rule. It also goes for food. This is the main reason why fish is healthier than pork.

But are soft oils always good? The answer is no. The oils are, since they are unsaturated, sensitive to oxidation and can form peroxides which in their turn can cause damage to the skin (note: not to the hair). This means oils can be dangerous as well. This is the main reason why I would advice everyone to be carful with whatever oil they use. Buying cheap, pure oils from cheap stores doesn't mean it is always bad quality, but it could be. Cheaper oils are mostly produced in a cheaper way or just not processed at all. This sounds better right? But not processing oils at all means they expire earlier. Expensive oil labels like Caudalie or Jose Maran add extra anti-oxidants to the oils, so they stay good for a longer period. I think these brands also produce their oils in such a way that fat oxidation is limited. So expensive is not always cheating. I'm not saying they are per se better, but just be skeptical.
Also cheap oils may be stored and transported in a cheaper way. They may come in cheap flasks, mostly not stored in boxes and who knows maybe the car in which they were transported wasn't one which could protect the oils from sunlight or heat. So when you buy oils for your skin check the way they are stored. Soft plastic lets air through which can oxidize the oils faster. Hard plastic or glass are better ways to store oils. Most good quality oils are stored in flasks with pumps to prevent air from getting to them.
Sunlight can also oxidize oils. Although most oils are not stored in light impermeable flasks. But they do come in boxes. So you should actually store your oils in a dark place. Like in a drawer. Don't store them in the fridge it's useless because it doesn't extend its shelf-life.
Oils are also sensitive to heat. So don't cook or preheat oils. Don't put them in the sun (even if they are light protected) because the heat will cause oxidation. Room temperature is the best temperature to store oils at.
So in summary: make sure you buy your oils from a trustworthy retailer, store them in hard plastic or glass, store them in the dark and at room temperature.

A Swedish research team compared multiple oils to each other and apparently Macademia oil is the best oil when it comes to stability. Argan is the second best oil. Although they did not take Olive oil in this study. Grapeseed oil is also a good oil because it contains a lot of vitamin E, even more than Argan and Macademia oil.

What is the difference between fat waxes and soft oils. Soft natural oils differ from fat waxes, in that they penetrate into the skin. Fat waxes like bees wax and vaseline don't penetrate into the skin they cover the skin - but don't clog the pores. The effect fat waxes have on the skin are totally different than natural oils. Although fat waxes are good in hydrating the skin, they do not nourish the skin as much. For the winter fat waxes are good to help beat winter's cold, - during summer you will only start sweating from them.

Hope you enjoyed reading my blog again. Have a good day...

Sometimes it takes a longer period for me to write something. This is because preparing some subjects takes a lot of reading and thinking. I don't want to give the wrong information so I'm skeptical with my words.

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