My spring favourites.

Every season I develop a new routine for my skin. I do this because my skins needs changes with each season.
This years spring I chose these products.

I absolutely love the Chanel précision gel pureté. This is a foaming gel cleanser. It makes my skin super soft and smells so Chanel ;)
Body butter from the Body Shop is my all time favorite body cream. I always have a stock of at least 2 jars. My favourite scents are coconut, shea butter, moringa, and the deluxe edition chocomania.
I love the foaming shower gel from Rituals. I always use them. I like the sunrise, especially after I went to the gym. It has a strong orange smell, which really fights the sweat odor

I am always skeptical with what I use for my armpit. Biotherm is a very good brand for sensitive skin. They are specialized in using micro-organisms from the ocean. I use this cleansing shower milk everyday.
I got the Filorga cream as a christmas gift about 2 years ago. I re-purchased it this year. Although I find it too thick for hot summer days, I like wearing it on windy days during spring or as a night cream.
Then I use the Nivea calm and care deodorant. I like this deodorant because it really keeps me from sweating. Even in the gym! And since spring and summer brings more sweat, I like wearing this deodorant.
I also like the Hemp hand protector from the Body Shop. It's the only hand cream I can use once a day and my hands stay soft all day. Although it doesn't really smell good, or has very little smell. But I like that because it doesn't interfere with my perfume.
The L'Oreal Revitalift eye cream is also one of my favourites. It's so affordable and works like a charm. I have very little sleep, because I am so busy. But this stuff is a strong fighter against my puffy sleepy eyes in the morning.
The Burt Bees replenishing lip balm is my favorite for the night. I apply it before I go to sleep and wake up with extra soft lips :D
And of course the two La Roche Posay creams I wrote about before. I use them both every morning as a base for my make up. Because both of the creams are absorbed by the skin, my make up stays in place and my face doesn't become oily.

This weekend I am going to Paris with a bunch of school friends!! I am super excited! I love Paris, it's my favourite European city. Or maybe second favourite, because I still think Amsterdam is the best place to be ^^. I will post a "What's in my bag" blog this thursday.
Stay tuned.. And follow me through Paris!


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