My saturdays diptych

Last week saturday I got this great gift from a lovely friend. I still don't know what the occasion was, but my friend found it neccesary to give me a perfume I wanted to buy for a long time. I am really gratefull for this gift. I use it everyday and every time I use it I smile :). I smile from the odeur, I smile because of the person who gave this gift. So exclusive, as is this scent.

One of my favourite bloggers #BlairEadie once posted a picture of her favourite products at the moment, and one of them was the L'Ombre dan L'eau from Diptique. Before this picture I had never heared of Diptyque before, so it drew my attention. I love perfumes.
They are my favourite in cosmetics. But I dislike that most perfumes smell so similar or well-known. I decided to look up Diptyque. I first found a store in Amsterdam, Skins Cosmetics, that sold Diptyque and all kinds of other non-mainstream perfumes. I somehow fell in love with these scents.
Then the weekend in Paris came, and even with the shortage of time, I dragged my friends to the Diptyque store on 34, boulevard saint germain. They were not impressed with the different smelling scents, which of course made me insecure. I was so in love with the scents, but I didn't want people to think I stink. I kept some papers with perfume and took them home. After this weekend in Paris I smelled the papers over and over again. I knew, I needed to have one of the Diptyque perfumes. Philosykos was my favourite. Although I loved the L'Ombre dan L'eau because of its sharp scents. I love the Philosykos for it's softness.

So what's a diptych? I wasn't even aware this word exists. So I looked it up. Apparently a diptych is a painting on two panels attached to each other with a hinge. The panels are specifically the same size, but don't need to have the same painting. Diptychs were quite popular in the ancient world.  But If you google the name, you might find modern diptychs. Diptych translated to french is Diptyque. I tried to find the connection between a diptych and the name Diptyque from this perfume line, but the official website doesn't give that information.

About the Philosykos: I find this scent smells like green, freshly cut grass and chestnut. Roasted chestnut actually, like they eat them in Rome. When the alcohol vaporizes you can really smell the grass, and if you wait a little more the scent becomes more sweet, this is the roasted chestnut. You would have to try it out yourself.
I do wish to buy the L'Ombre dans L'eau. But until that time I will enjoy the Philosykos.

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