Vitamins for the skin, Vitamin E

 Vitamin E is a very important skin membrane anti-oxidant, it protects against oxidative damage and in combination with vitamin C protect against sunlight. Oxidative effect means that the compound can protect the skin against free radicals those can cause damage to skin lipids and so skin cells.
In cosmetics vitamin E goes under the name tocopherol or tocotrienol. Almost every cream or serum I have ever listed the ingredients of, contains tocopherol. Vitamin E also has the ability to protect the cream itself from oxidation, so the cream stays good and stable for a longer period. When α and β tocopherol are listen in the ingredients list, vitamin E is an antioxidant for the cream itself. When vitamin E is an active compound, meaning it actually does something to your skin, it goes under the name tocopherol acetate, tocopherol or simply vitamin E. 
Creams containing high doses of vitamin E are good creams, especially for more mature skin.
Here are some organic creams I like:

 You can find this cream at the Walgreens for sure. I use it as a body cream, but you can also use it as a day or night cream. The cream is super cheap, it costs about 4 dollars.   

 Then you have the Burt's Bees Lemon & Vitamin E bath & body oil. I love Burt's Bees, it's so organic and good. I have this oil as well, although I don't use it daily. I use it whenever my skin is really dry and flakey or when I spend 1,5 hour in the tub :) You can apply this oil instead of a night cream or with a night cream, you can add it to the bath tub or use it as a body oil.
The reviews about this product are really good, and it costs approximately $8

 Then this face cream. Although the name doesn't imply it, it does contain vitamin E in effective dosis. This cream does not contain anything that could irritate the skin. It's good for oily skin, although the the calming gel might give better results. It absorbs quickly, it's lightweight and apparently also good to calm down rosacae and eczema.

 Then the last one. I bought this cream in the Netherlands (Amsterdam). It contains a good dose of vitamin E, it's super cheap and very good quality. It's also good for sensitive skin since it contains so little extras. So if you ever go to the Netherlands, check out this cream, it's worth trying.

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