News report of my Queensday experience

As I was saying before I was going to write about my preparation for Queensday. Unfortunately Queensday was today and I did not post anything. I'm sorry. Queensday turned into a big chaos, outfit dillemma's, not being able to find my friends, waiting for friends those took a different direction or got lost, one getting injured. But even though it was a lot of fun!
Yes.. But what is Queensday? In dutch we say Koninginnedag and is actually the day the country celebrates the Queen's birthday (april 30th). Actually the Queen who just stepped down her birthday is on January 31st, but her mother's was on april 30th so she kept the date as for the time of the year it is more likely to have nice weather. Koninginnedag is the biggest celebrated party in the Netherlands and the last one was april 30th! This is because of the throne change. Queen Beatrix stepped down and handed the Queendom over to her son. Since King Willem Alexander his birthday is on april 26th, starting from 2014 Kingsday (not Queensday) will be held on April 27th. In dutch Kingsday is
If you want to know more about Koninginnedag check out Wikipedia

So the tradition of Koninginnedag is that we all dress up in orange. We go to flee-markets, parties, drink a lot of beer (if you're interested), hang out on the street and eat everything we see. A lot of fun! Although it is very very difficult to find people during that day, Queensday is a lot of fun and a great thing to celebrate.
The Pictures

I absolutely love this colour!
Super ugly blush, I save for Queensday..
I was planning to wear a dress, but the temperature wasn't summer-dress friendly. Btw I was wearing shoes outside ^^
50 cents per item. This was the nail polish section only
Vintage "shop"

Meet my cousin Shaista
Little girl selling here self made bracelets
My Favo Rock band! They were so adorable!
Canal jammed with boats, peoples and loud music.

Stage for a concert. Where's everyone
Krishna in the building!
Straight from Jamaica
Some walking by girls stopped to dance with the musician

I don't know the guy on the left, but look at those people in the back enjoying themselves!
Even Jesus came to hola at the Queen ^.^
Okay so that was my Queensday. Although I found this year a little disappointing compared to the others. But next year will be better!

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