Nail polish madness

Today I am feeling a little better, but not good enough to focus on school. So I decided to go shopping for some new cosmetics. I went to my local drugstore and purchased two new nail polishes both from L'Oreal.
I like the black and white confetti, but it's difficult to combine it. I first tried it with orange, but it wasn't working. I think the contrast was to big.
Then I tried it with this green nail polish I just bought and it looks so cute! I really like the result. I think this confetti polish goes well with gold and other metallic nail polishes also. So I will try that out in the future.
L'Oreal has reasonable quality nail polish. Although some of their nail polish can be stripy, but it stays on for a couple of days. Unlike other nail polishes I have tested, those stay on for not longer than 1 day.  What I also like about the flasks is that they are not too big. I dislike that nail polishes come in such big sizes. Even if you would use them everyday, it will still take like half a year to finish one bottle. But okay, I would recommend these nail polishes from L'Oreal. They have the confetti in gold as well, which is also super cute.
I will blog again about nail polishes, but first preparation for Queensday!
Have a sunny saturday!

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