My night alone with the flu

After a long week of overtime working, studying and hanging out with friends (even though it was just 2 nights), the flu took me to bed. I had to leave school early today, just to sleep.
Flu's are harsh on you. They really slow you down or actually stop you.
Good sleeps, lots of tea and chicken soup can help with giving your body some extra relaxation. 
I don't taste a lot when I have a flu, so I like drinking juice. I choose any juice, because I only taste the sweetness of the juice. But I still like apple pear. It's so yummy.

But other than to your body, flu's are also harsh on your skin. Because your body temperature is higher, your skin gets dehydrated easily. So I needed hydration. At 21.30 (9.30 pm) after a good daytime sleep, I decided to go to the drugstore. I came back with a cream Hydreane Riche from La Roche-Posay, a new ceralip, paracetamol (acetaminophen) and a sample from Eucerin.
I took 2 paracetamols to feel a little better and tried the Hydreane. It's so good. You can feel the oils penetrating in the skin. I applied it two times, because I know my skin is vulnerable. I checked the ingredients list and there was really not much special in it. Just glycerin and shea butter. They have a saying "less is more". The cream contains nothing more than the skin needs. And it's affordable. I really like it. My skin feels like velvet, it's soft and hydrated. 

A good treat for yourself is a steam bath with a little bit of tea tree oil. It opens up the nose to get some air. You will feel fresh and happy. I sometimes add the tea tree oil to a peace of kitchen towel and breath it in directly from the towel. It's strong though, so be careful. I had the tea tree oil at home, I will use it right before I go to bed, so I can sleep well. What also helps to keep you nose open during the night, is to cut one onion in 3-4 parts and place it on a dish. It stinks though, but you can't smell anything so it's okay.

I tried the Eucerin sample as well. It's also good. It really hydrates the skin, but doesn't make it as soft as the Hydreane. And the ceralips I wrote about in my previous blog.

I'm going back to bed.