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Aloha readers!
Since summer is near I did some make up shopping and I would love to share it with you.

I bought these two lipsticks from Caresse by L'Oreal. I was reading about them online so I went to a drugstore and first purchased the 06; the pink one on the right, named Aphrodite Scarlet. I was so in love with the texture and color I decided to buy 401 as well. The red one on the left named Rebel Red. These lipsticks have a different texture than other lipsticks do. It's not that creamy and moisturizing, it's more like vaseline but more solid. I like that it gives a natural tint to your lips, instead of the painted look other lipsticks give. And what I also like is that it doesn't make your lips dry or flakey. You have to try it out. They are reasonable in price so check out your nearest L'Oreal retailer.

I also purchased a new blush. I was once at a good friend of mine who had the orange version of this blush. I tried it out and absolutely loved it. So as soon as I got my salary I went to +Sephora to purchase this blush. But instead of the orange one I bought number 8 Red Agate, which suits my skin tone better. I am super happy with this blush also because it's creamy and stays on longer than powder blushes do, especially during summer. And of course since I am obsessed with checking out ingredients; this blush is suitable for sensitive skin it doesn't contain parabens, sulphates or perfume oils. 

Here are some pictures of me wearing the lipsticks
Wearing 06 Aphrodite Scarlet Caresse by L'Oreal. Sorry my nail polish doesn't exactly fit my outfit.
Right after I bought the 401 Rebel Red Caresse by L'Oreal. I had to try it out immediately.

I don't have a picture with the blush on yet. But I will in the future!
Next time I will continue with my story about vitamins for the skin. Vitamin C is up next. 
Thanks for reading!

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