A sunny sunday inside..

Today the weather is perfect to sit outside. The sun is shining, not too much wind, though the temperature wasn't too high. But still good enough to be named a nice spring day.
I am still inside in my pj's trying to catch up with all the school work I wasn't able to do these past 2 days. Not fun, but ohh well, I live on the sun side, so I can still enjoy the sun while working on school stuff.
To take a break from all the studying I decided to decorate one empty table of mine. I had some newly bought tulips, yes I love tulips and the Netherlands has a lot of them, and a lot of perfume and cosmetics samples.
I placed the tulips in a normal vase and my samples in two wine glasses. One for the perfumes and one for the cosmetic samples. It looked so cute together. Especially with my big fat garfield telephone watching over them.

Today I was going to post my preparation for Queensday, but since I was not feeling a hundred percent I stayed in. I need to purchase some small things to make my outfit complete. But I will post my Queensday edition tomorrow night or on queens day itself! So stay tuned to read about the biggest celebrated fest in the Netherlands!


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