A great gift with a great smell

I have love for skincare products and body creams. Just an extra 5 minutes of your time for your skin, can completely transform the structure of your body skin into flawless and beautiful. Of course I now sound as if I am writing a commercial but I just want to share one of my favorite skincare brands with you.
In year 2000 Rituals was founded by Raymond Cloosterman and since then grew into a highly successful home and body cosmetics brand. It was also the first brand that combined skincare fragrance with home fragrance, the website says. Now people might think "well I am not sure if I want to smell like Ajax or Mr Clean" but that's the thing about Rituals, it will make your house smell like your skin or perfume and not the other way around. It's amazing.
I really heart Rituals for that. The fragrances they use are inspired by Eastern rituals like for example their Hammam line, Ayurveda or T'ai Chi. Or actually I'm not sure if the lines bear these names. Anyways, I mean the red/black, green, and blue/brown line. And since it's now cherry blossom season in Japan, it's time for the line scented with Sakura (cherry blossoms).

Underneath is a gift set I got for christmas. I haven't been able to use it yet, since my whole storage cabinet is full with Rituals :p. These gift sets are great for traveling. Or to give to friends. This gift set contains a foaming shower gel, shampoo, body cream and body scrub. The sizes are exactly right to put in your carry-on baggage (70 mL/2.3 Fl. Oz. each). And I love the scent of this line.

But actually my favorite scent is that of the T'ai Chi shower gel. Although I'm kind of out of stock now. I live in a small house, it's approximately 25 square meter, so if I come out of the shower my whole house smells like the T'ai Chi. I love it.

The home products of Rituals are also scented. They are famous for their fragrance sticks, fragrance candles and home perfumes. One must try these, because they smell amazing. It's too bad we can't share smells through internet, maybe some genius will figure it out sometime. 
And then they have a cotton line which is mostly focussed on clothing for home, like bathrobes, sleeping clothes, pjs (pajamas) and bath towels. Their cotton is good quality, not scented, but I've had my bathrobe for 3 years now and it still looks like new (sorry I will not put an image of my used bathrobe :)
And something I didn't try out yet is their make up line. But I will purchase some products soon. And I will write about it!

In the meantime check out www.rituals.com

Thank you for reading again. And remember "one must smell good"

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