I need to cover something up

How to withdraw attention from your difficult skin, and focus it on other parts.
Haven't you had before that you have a major pimple, rash or eczema in your face and you just hate it when people look at you, because they might see it. It's so annoying, because people do see it. When you have pimples, it's always best not to cover them up. If you suffer eczema or a rash in the face, you should not cover it up at all.

So here are some tips how to withdraw attention from these skin conditions:
1. Wear a striking lipstick. Try to make someone see more of your lips, then of the pimple.
Colours I would advice are: Hot pink, bright red, orange or dark purple.
Colours I would dissuade: nude, brown, natural/soft pink or natural/soft red.

2. Comb your hair down or side ways:  If you comb it side ways, make sure your hair is on the side of the pimple/rash/eczema. Here are some picture examples. I chose Whitney Port from Whitney Eve as my model.

3. Polish your nails: Drawing attention to your nails is a good way to make people not notice the pimple immediately. Wear a striking colour like green, red, pink, orange or blue. You can also try out some nail art.

4. Wear eye make-up: Try out cat eyes or use colours people can actually see, like green or blue. I am not a big fan of these colours, so I would chose cat eyes. But for those who love eye make-up, it's worth trying green and blue, because they can make your eyes sparkle, instead of making that pimple glow..

5. Wear jewelry: lots of them

You can chose one of these options or combine them.

My next blog will be about vitamins for the skin. I wrote most of this post, but sadly blogger deleted it, instead of saving it. Really annoying, and I am so not happy with Blogger right now. Now I have to start over.

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