Honey is a panacea

Honey is a very common product. You can eat it with bread, drink it with coffee or thee. It's actually very delicious! But do you remember your grand mother's tip, which was take a spoon of honey when your throat feels sore? Why do people even say it? Is it the consistency (thickness) that makes the honey great for your sore throat or is there more behind that story.

Honey is known for its strong wound healing capacity and strong antimicrobial activity. It has a good capacity to healing wounds, although not very often used as a drug for wounds because it's sugary and thick to apply. The strong antimicrobial activity is also the reason why people advice honey for a flu or a sore throat. But behind the strong antimicrobial activity, there are ingredients those give honey these properties.
Honey contains of proteins, vitamins, enzymes, hormones, minerals, sugars and other substances. Because the concentration of these ingredients are really high, the healing properties of honey are really high.
Now honey for the skin:
It has been shown that honey is good for sensitive skin, acne prone skin, dry skin, oily skin, normal skin and the hair scalp. Honey has even shown to improve hair growth, stop or reduce hair loss, treat dandruff and other scalp disorders. So yes honey truly is a miracle cure !
You can actually buy a bottle of honey and apply it to your (for example) acne prone skin and it would heal it.
Well the disadvantage is that honey is very very sweet, it contains a lot of sugars and that's also the reason why it's so thick and difficult to smear on the skin.

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