Dry skin

Dry, itchy, peeling skin can be a disaster. It feels as if nothing helps and you'll never smear enough, especially during the winter when the wind is cold and dry, temperatures are low, and there is no sun out for your daily dose of vitamin D.
Cold weather makes it difficult for the skin to produce enough fat to keep the skin moisturized. Low temperatures and dry wind stimulate drying out of the skin. I read an article which stated that lower temperatures alter the amount and the type of fat in the stratum corneum (outermost layer of the skin), which then halts water transport through the epidermis. This means, that your body changes your skin composition in all seasons of the year, with a naturally fat and good hydrated skin in the summer, and a dry and dehydrated skin during winter.
So if you want to help your skin; effective skin care product may contain lactic acid, urea, fatty acids like oleic acid and ceramide, and other oils. Lactic acid, urea, and ceramide, have been scientifically shown to retain water in the skin. Lactic acid and ceramide are endogenous to the skin and keep the skin smooth and hydrated. Urea is not a natural skin product (although it is found in the body), but has shown to penetrate into the skin easily and to attract water into the skin. In contrast to oils which just replace the skins natural fat, but don't hydrate.
Eucerin is probably the best product on the market for dry, itchy, peeling skin. It's save for everyone, it doesn't contain parabens or perfume oils and it contains ingredients those have been scientifically shown to be good for the skin. I love this cream. It really helps me through the winter every year. In Europe it's sold only in the pharmacy, so check out your local pharmacy, and in the USA you will find it at the Walmart, Walgreens or CVS Pharmacy (online) stores!
Another bit of advice is it helps not to shower with soap to keep your skin hydrated. So just use warm water to clean the skin, and when necessary clean the arm pit with soap and the genitalia with special soap. Actually I would recommend the last two options, because you don't want to be dirty and smelly, right?
And for those who really want to shower with soap, you can add olive oil to your soap. Do not add the oil to the flask, but just at a little bit to your soap while showering.
As a home remedy, I would advice to do a full body mask with plain yoghurt once every two weeks, add some honey to it, it's great for the skin. This mask is sticky and creates a big mess, so I think it's advisable to sit down on a waterproof chair in the shower without the shower on. Leave it on the skin for about 10 min then wash it off (no soap).
It is also great for the skin, but not remarkably, to eat fish once or twice a week and other fat containing products like avocado, coconut, almond etc. But these food choices are good for the entire body.

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