Acne.. Everyone knows what acne is. Although some people are blessed with acne free skin, others (woman per se) suffer from it right before to after their period, and others (every gender) suffer from acne in a more severe way.
Acne is a difficult condition to treat, although there are very good (prescribed) medicines on the market like for example Roaccutane (compound: isotretinoin) or Differin (compound: adapalene).

There are small tips which can help with acne, it won't prevent or stop the acne, but just help..
Comedons (blackheads/whiteheads) become pimples (the infected white heads with pus) when bacteria on the skin infect the comedons.
So hygiene is a good way to prevent bacteria from being able to infect a comedon.
Wash your face once a day with soap. Don't do this more then once a day, because using soap removes the fat layer on the skin. If your skin becomes dry your sebaceous glands will produce more sebum to make the skin fat again. Which makes an infection easier to occur.
Also washing your hands is a good way to prevent bacteria from being everywhere. People have the habit to touch their face often. For example when some are thinking or day dreaming they touch their face. If the hands are dirty at that moment bacteria can come on the facial skin. Also, touching your face less can help...
Don't wear too much make-up or chose one specifically for oily face. Some make-up can worsen acne, so be careful. If you see your skin responds badly to a make-up brand, stop immediately.
Only remove comedons when they are actually white heads with pus. Don't try to remove papules/nodules (pimples without visible fluid or pinheads), you can really damage the skin.
Over the counter products those have an effect on acne can contain: benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, glycol acid, lactic acid or sulfur.
Indulge your skin once a week. Start with a 5 - 10 min steaming bath, followed by scrubbing for 2 - 3 minutes, a facial mask and end with a good facial massage with good oils (like olive, argan, coconut or almond oil).

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