Acne part 2

Acne part 2 will be specifically for woman and men who want to wear make-up to cover up their pimples.
Although it is advisable not to wear make up when you suffer acne. You would mostly just want to cover the pimples and redness up.
There are ways to cover up redness. Use a green concealer over the skin's redness. The green concealer is a very good invention. It works like this example: when you mix red paint with green paint, you get brown paint. Now of course some would think "but I have a white skin." White skin is not exactly white, because you can see the difference between a white wall and a white person. White skin also has a little brown shade. So putting green over the redness in the face would help neutralizing the skin's colour. Of course you have to use a foundation after you used this green concealer. Blend it on the skin with a good foundation and a foundation brush.
I bought my green concealer from Gosh, which was actually very cheap, but fairly reasonable quality.

It is advisable to use brushes and sponges instead of your fingers when putting foundation and concealer on. Like I said in my previous blog, with the hands you can transfer bacteria to your face. But what people also forget is that sponges and brushes can also transfer bacteria to the face. That's why it's very advisable to wash your brushes every day and every time you use them. Buy a set of good quality brushes made with goat hair (for example). They don't have to be over expensive Chanel or M.A.C. brushes, just make sure they are good quality because they last longer. You can treat your brushes like you do your own hair. This means wash them with shampoo, dry them with a towel, and let them dry to air until the next time you use it. Since sponges don't last too long you can throw them away after using them 2 or 3 times.
Brushes you should wash daily are: concealer, foundation and contour brushes. The products you bring on the face with them contain water, and since water is a very good growth medium for bacteria it is advisable to wash them every time you use them.
Brushes you don't have to wash daily, but should wash once every 2 weeks are: blush, powder, kabuki brushes.
I hate washing my brushes, because it's a lot of work. But when in a hurry you can clean them with tonic and cotton. Please don't do this daily, because I'm not sure if this method would ruin your brushes. You can also wash them with shampoo and rub them over a cleaning sponge (use one specifically for your brushes).

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