Who doesn't have a scar from something that happened in the past. While playing during their youth, an accident with a knife, one tripped over something, acne scars etc.
Scars can be really ugly, especially when they're in places visible to others. So I know everyone with scars in unsightly places is looking for that miracle cure to repair it and bring the healthy skin back.
If the scar is a deep wound, the scar might not disappear as easily. Up till now, the only way to remove scars from deep wounds/surgery is to consult a dermatologist who help to make it less visible in a professional way. Or you can apply a certain oil you like (olive oil, argan oil etc.) and massage it over the scar. Over time (I'm talking about months) it will become less visible.
When a scar is a scratch, meaning if it's small and on the surface of the skin, it will eventually disappear. The skin keeps making new cells, it keeps growing and reproducing and proliferating, so the small scratch would disappear at some point. But since this process might take a long time, you would want to give your skin a hand.

Ways to help your skin with healing the scars include the use of substances with acidic properties, like fresh lemon juice, fresh cranberry juice and yoghurt.
Fresh Lemon juice contains citric acid
Fresh cranberry contains quinic acid, citric acid and malice acid
Yoghurt contains the well known lactic acid

Since lemon and cranberry are a lot more acidic than yoghurt, these two have a faster and better effect to healing scars.
Yoghurt has the advantage that it contains lactic acid. Lactic acid is hygroscopic (meaning it attracts water) so it can help hydrating the skin. If you have extremely dry skin, a yoghurt mask can help hydrating the skin. If you use regular yoghurt the moist and fat in the yoghurt can also help nourishing the skin.

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