I don't want to eat cake anymore!!!

The Saturday I went clubbing with my friend, we also did a cake workshop.
I learnt to decorate my own birthday cake. Actually my cake was really pretty. I chose orange because I am in the Netherlands and we are getting a new King! Starting from april 26th.
Anyways I am not a cake lover, I prefer salt/hearty food. So now what was I going to do with this whole cake??? I shared most of it with other people. Gave a friend 1/4th, my cousin 1/4th and had a friend over for diner, who I also gave 1/4th. 1/4th I had left.
On wednesday morning, still no money. I woke up around 10 am. I had to do stuff for school, so I took a shower and started my day. But I am the worlds biggest breakfast lover, so I was hungry and wanted to eat some bread. I looked in the fridge and too bad all I saw was 2 pieces of cake which I got at my friend's birthday, another older carrot cake piece I got from my cousin and the cake I decorated. Waking up with a piece of carrot cake is like an ice cold bath in my bed around 6 am. "God I hate my life." I wanted to call my mother soo badly. Why did I do this to myself?

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